The Emperor’s New Clothes, in a Modern Light.

The Emperor’s New Clothes, in a Modern Light.

Perhaps you’ve heard the old-fashioned fairy-tale called “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. If not, here is a little reminder, in a modern interpretation.

One day, a pair of swindlers appeared in the court, who convinced the vain and self-important king that they had magic thread with which they could weave him the most magnificent robes. In his desire to be the most admired man in town, he fell for their advertisement, and agreed to let them make him a set of new clothes.

They worked tirelessly for weeks, but he could see nothing. When he questioned them, they told him the magic thread was invisible, but that once the clothes were done, nothing would be as beautiful. Since he was concerned about what others thought of him, he chose to believe them, and decided to go along with their charade.

The day finally came to show off his new clothes to his admiring subjects, and the emperor planned a great pride parade (the first of its kind!) in which he would proudly display the gorgeous robes he still couldn’t see, but was unwilling to admit were not there. You see, his pride could not allow him to admit he had been deceived, as he had spent a lot of time and money promoting his future magnificence.

The emperor commanded all his subjects to attend the parade, on pain of punishment if they refused. His courtiers had also been previously instructed to praise his new clothes around town in preparation for this grand event; and due to their fear of losing their jobs, they complied. But they also could not see any clothes…

Th big day arrived. All the musicians were ready with appropriate processional music, and the emperor, “clothed” in his majestic new invisible robes, shamelessly paraded himself stark naked along the street in front of all his subjects; men, women and children!

There was a huge collective gasp of horror, but being well trained to say nothing against the PC agendas, they all bowed to the latest whim of the emperor, and praised his new clothes! Nobody had the courage to speak the truth! It was safer to hide in the crowd and just go along with what the emperor wanted, than to stand out and say what everyone could not help but see.

But wait! What’s that we hear? A small child’s high-pitched voice… What? He’s saying WHAT??

“But the emperor HAS NO CLOTHES!!”

This child (maybe he was home educated?) was not affected by the PC influence of the public school system. He was the only one with courage to SPEAK the TRUTH that everyone already knew.

At this point, the original fairy-tale becomes true. Let me explain.

In the original story, when the child cried out, “But the emperor has no clothes!” the pride parade came to a screeching halt. The courtiers gasped in outraged pride as the emperor looked around to see who had exposed his charade.

Then he said, “Young man,” (for even a very small child who speaks truth is more of a man than an adult who panders to PC lies), “you are absolutely right. I have been a great fool. In my pride I wanted to be admired for having the most magnificent robes, and I allowed my pride to deceive me into believing these swindlers!!”

“You, young man, will be an honoured guest in my court as long as you continue speaking truth; and your courageous parents, who seem to have home-schooled you in spite of my law that all children be publicly educated, will be granted complete freedom in my realm to teach their true values to anyone who will listen.

He went on, “You swindling deceivers will be in prison until you have learned an honest way to earn a living.

“But the rest of you — courtiers, subjects, all who showed abject cowardice, have been fools like myself: you being made fools by my unrighteous laws. None of us deserve respect, least of all, me! We will ALL, beginning with myself, humble our hearts and repent in dust and ashes for our sinful pride and cowardice, and seek the Lord’s forgiveness; of which I stand in greatest need!”

Unfortunately, in the modern world, it doesn’t end this way. The one who dares to speak the truth gets brought to trial in a court system that turns truth on its head. The truth teller is charged with hate crimes, and is unjustly punished. Their children are kidnapped by the so-called “Child Protective Agency” and forced to live with strangers who are quite often abusive and sometimes pedophiles.

The lying courtiers are rewarded for their loyalty to the PC agenda, and the original swindlers are protected by the state and sent to another country to continue their deceptions on others.

And the masses are led by these means to believe that truth tellers are “dangerous, intolerant haters” who must be severely punished, thereby creating a cowardly group of folks who can SEE the naked emperor, but who cannot SAY that he’s naked. They hide in the crowd to protect themselves from a similar fate.

Can anybody see a problem with the modern ending???

If more of us had enough courage to speak up for truth, not only would our world be saner, but the shame could be put squarely where it belongs – in the camp of the quiet acquiescers, many of whom are professing Christians!!


P.S. I’m sure you’re wondering where the truth-telling child’s parents were. They refused to attend the parade, caring nothing for the king’s threats. Then how did the child be there? Well, you know little boys…they sometimes do what they’re told not to!

9/11 Revisited, By Dave McGowan

The next two instalments have arrived!

September 11, 2001 Revisited: Act II, Part I

September 11, 2001 Revisited: Act II, Part II

Yes, there are some thought-provoking questions asked in these articles. As far as I’m concerned, the only terrorists involved in this mass murder cover-up are the puppets behind our own governments, and the ones in Israel pulling the strings!


9/11 Revisited, by Dave McGowan

Welcome to the fourth instalment of Dave McGowan’s excellent analysis of what happened on 9/11, 2001. I have a couple comments of my own to make.

Quote: “…nor the work of some foreign government (e.g., Saudi Arabia, Israel, Pakistan or China),…”

Me: While it may be that “some foreign government” didn’t pull this off without the intentioned and willing compliance of the government of the USA, it is also just as certain that Israel had everything to do with this attack, as being the only puppetmasters that the “good” ol’ USA dances for.

Quote: “Upon arrival at the school, Bush reportedly told the principal that although “a commercial plane has hit the World Trade Center,” they were going to “do the reading thing anyway.” ”

Me: I have heard that “good” ol’ Bush had asked the children if they had seen the first plane crash, even though there was no TV footage of that crash. Perhaps this is another instance where the official fairytale changes later, when they discover they’ve made a major boo-boo.

I’m STILL waiting to be confirmed somewhere, somehow, that I heard correctly that day, when I heard the TV “news”casters constantly repeat, as if it was such a surprise, “It’s just like Pearl Harbour!” I have never found any recording of it. Hmm…

Please read Dave’s article for yourselves at the following link:

“nor the work of some foreign government (e.g., Saudi Arabia, Israel, Pakistan or China),”

“Upon arrival at the school, Bush reportedly told the principal that although “a commercial plane has hit the World Trade Center,” they were going to “do the reading thing anyway.” ”