9/11 Revisited, by Dave McGowan

This is the third article in Dave’s lengthy as-it-happened “revisit” of the atrocity of the September 11, 2001 massacre of American people. Dave mentions the “Palestinians dancing in the streets”, but he, as well as the rest of us, knew no better at that time. We now know these were “dancing Israelis” gloating over their betrayal of America.

Here is the link for you to read it for yourself.

September 11, 2001 Revisited: Prologue III


9/11 Revisited, by Dave McGowan

Lately, I’ve found a series of thoughtfully detailed articles about the tragedy of 9/11, 2001, written by a man who supposedly got “taken out” for writing this stuff! I thought it important to share them with my own readers as I read them, that the truth of this travesty might be spread further and further afield.

These articles were written “as it happened”, so to speak, and are, therefore, extremely accurate in factual evidence. No swallowing of “official” c.r.a.p., that’s for sure!!

Here are the links to the first & second articles:

September 11, 2001 Revisited: Prologue I

September 11, 2001 Revisited: Prologue II

I hope you will take the time to read these very informative articles.


We Can’t Say We Weren’t Warned…

As plain as day, if we know what to look for, is the warning God graciously left us of the “Jews” and their signature modus operandi. I give all the credit of this “discovery” to Texe Marrs, who was the first, and, as far as I know, the only person to find and expose this warning in scripture (Authorized King James Bible).

It was years and years ago, so I have no idea where to find the newsletter it came out in; however, the warning never left me; and every time I read this particular book, I can only see it the way Mr. Marrs explained it because it’s the only way that makes any real sense, because…

First, this book of the bible has not even one mention of God in it. Strange, to say the least, isn’t it, for a book in scripture? But the reason becomes clear once you see.

This book has been given us in the scripture so we can recognize two things: 1) who the real enemy of humanity is, and 2) how NOT to deal with them.

This book is none other than “Esther”. Yes, the book we’ve all been taught to believe is the height of womanly submission and godliness. The book we’ve all been taught is the picture of God’s special care of his chosen people. (Just saying that makes me feel like gagging, now that I know the truth!)

So what does it reveal, once our blinders are removed? In point form, and with references for every point, I will present it here for your benefit. The lesson about the Jews will be first, then the lesson on how NOT to deal with them.

Because it’s all from the book of Esther, I will only use chapter and verse numbers, for less redundancy. Please read the entire book for yourselves, and come to your own conclusions.

First, what we can learn about the Jews:

1. the Jews change their names. 2:7
2. the Jews are willing to sacrifice their virgins to gain power in a country. 2:8, 9 (they will obey the king’s commands – however wicked – when it works for their own gain)
3. the Jews hide their true identity. 2:10
4. the Jews are very submissive to gain advantage. 2:15
5. the Jews gain positions of power by these methods. 2:17 (infiltrate governments)
6. the Jews continue to hide their true identity. 2:20
7. and they continue to obey their own people even once they are in positions of authority in a country. 2:20 (they even take oaths to serve their country of placement, but in secret they work only for their own profit)
8. the Jews will genuinely help their present masters, even if nothing comes of it immediately. 2:21-23 (they are a very patient people, knowing that their plan will ripen eventually) 6:3
9. the Jews will not obey the king’s commands when it doesn’t suit their high opinion of themselves. 3:2
10. the Jews’ laws are “diverse from all people” and they don’t keep the king’s laws when it doesn’t suit them. 3:8
11. the Jews are very careful to use trusted messengers to avoid direct communication with their own, known to be Jews, to continue to hide their own identity. 4:5-16
12. the Jews do not make their supplication to the one true God, the Lord; no; they make supplication to earthly masters. 4:8
13. the Jews are reluctant to do things that might endanger their own persons. 4:11
14. the Jews do have a measure of wisdom when it comes to their own preservation. 4:13, 14
15. the Jews fast, but they don’t fast and pray to the Lord. 4:16
16. the Jews are devious, and don’t give direct answers to questions. 5:4
17. the Jews banquet their enemies with wine to trap them. 5:6, 7:2
18. the Jews delay real answers to set the snares firmly for their enemies. 5:8, 12
19. the Jews despise non-jews. 5:9
20. the Jews do not refuse to be greatly honoured if it comes upon them. 6:11
21. the Jews plead for the lives of their own people. 7:3, 4
22. the Jews “wine and dine” a man before closing the trap on him. 7:6
23. the Jews do not correct a false assumption on the part of another, if it gives them any advantage. 7:7, 8 (Esther could have said Haman was pleading for his own life!)
24. the Jews, once firmly established, reveal their true identity. 8:1
25. the Jews put forward for promotion, and enrich, their own people. 8:1, 2
26. the Jews cannot bear any destruction of their own people. 8:6
27. the Jews receive carte blanche to do as they like, and in the name of the present leader. 8:8
28. the Jews, far from simply reversing the original order, which is what was requested, take the liberty of declaring a massacre of their enemies, in the king’s name, of course. 8:5, 11
29. the Jews avenge themselves on their enemies. 8:13
30. the Jews are glad when destruction is planned for their enemies. 8:16, 17 (how do other mothers bear the destruction of their sons??)
31. the Jews cause great fear to come upon other peoples. 8:17, 9:2 & 3
32. the Jews quickly become great in positions of authority. 9:4
33. the Jews massacre their enemies without remorse. 9:5, 6, 16 (keep in mind, not one Jew had yet been hurt…)
34. the Jews request another day of slaughter in the capital city. 9:13 (this is like an enemy having thrown a small rock at their tank, and them replying with several missiles…!)
35. the Jews humiliate their enemies, even after killing them. 9:13, 14
36. the Jews can make themselves look really good. 9:10, 15 (hint: they took no spoil)
37. the Jews feast and are exceeding glad at the destruction of their enemies. 9:17-19
38. the Jews establish joyful feast day holidays for themselves without the king’s having anything to say. 9:20, 21 (these people were captives and servants, remember)
39. the Jews ordained these holidays to be observed throughout every generation. 9:27, 28 (they still are: look up “Purim” on the internet; it will sicken you)
40. the Jews establish as law their own decrees in the lands they occupy, using the authority they have gained by deceit. 9:29-32 (bypassing the rightful leader, by the way.)
41. the Jews in power seek the wealth, not of the countries they reside in, but of their OWN PEOPLE. 10:3

After reading it this way, it becomes quite obvious, doesn’t it?

Now for how NOT to deal with the Jews. It would be a good thing to pay attention to what is said here because when you come to a gunfight with only a knife, you always lose.

1. King Ahasuerus had two problems: he was easily provoked to wrath and made hasty decisions under that wrong influence; and, he made very hasty promises without thinking of the consequences. 1:12, 5:3
2. Haman had two problems: he was a proud and wrathful man, and he allowed hatred to rule in his heart. 3:5, 6
3. Haman sought to destroy all the Jews in the kingdom of Ahasuerus, to get rid of the irritation one Jew caused him, by means less than honest. 3:5, 6, 8, 9
4. Haman’s pride draws him deeply into Esther’s trap. 5:11, 12
5. At the advice of his friends, Haman builds a gallows for Mordecai, before he speaks with the king about it.
6. Haman is humiliated before his hated enemy, and as a result, his friends speak a very wise thing. 6:13 (it is not possible to go against the Jews single-handedly)
7. Haman’s plan was to get the peoples of the kingdom to rise up en masse and attack the Jews, destroying them all, but in reading this warning, we see that it backfired terribly. 9:5, 6, 16

There are many people in the alternative media sphere who hate the Jews as much as Haman did, and who advocate for people to come to a “critical mass” enough to “tip the scales” and thereby “overthrow all the Jews”. This can never work. The Jews have gained all the power the devil and the world have to offer in governments. Ordinary people can throw their puny stones if they like, but the Jews always respond with missiles. The missiles are nuclear, remember. You could konk one individual on the head, perhaps, and they could wipe your entire country off the map. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DEAL WITH THE JEWS!

You will notice that both the Jews AND the other people in the book of Esther have been operating under the same influence of darkness and evil. Evil cannot defeat evil. Matthew 12:25; Mark 3:25; Luke 11:17. It only begets more evil. It is evil to hate others; it is evil to want others destroyed so you can live safely; it is evil to be proud and wrathful, etc.

There is only one way to deal with this problem, and that is to bow out of the problem. Stop being evil, period. God provided the way out of darkness, and the way into his marvellous light; but most people reject it, unfortunately. Most consider it weak to stop hating those who hate us. Most consider it cowardly to allow the insults of the enemy to run off like water off a duck’s back. But that’s because most do not have a Father who says, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.” (That’s a promise, by the way.)

I have that Father, and you can have him as your Father, too. He has many glorious promises for those who stop being evil, and turn around and start being good, acknowledging what Jesus did for us on the cross (incidentally, done by the Jews!). This is called repentance. It is a totally foreign way of life to the human mind, but a completely free and joyful life, full of peace, light and righteousness. It completely removes the power the devil (and the Jews) have over us, and gives us power over them. Really. They can still blow up our villages, but they cannot touch our souls, which now live in heaven with Christ our Saviour, where they have absolutely no power at all! And they know it.

And that makes them as mad as hatters! 😄

Will you join the ranks of those whose Father is Creator God, and who are free from sin and darkness? It’s the ONLY WAY to deal with this problem.

And because it was written long ago in the word of God for our instruction, we cannot say we were not warned, now can we?

Heartwarming proof that little children are instinctively pro-life — Hommunism News

(source) Earlier this week, my wife dropped by our pro-life office over lunchtime with our toddler daughter. As we chatted with coffee, Charlotte began to wander through the office to do some exploring, poking here and there to see what she could find. There wasn’t much that was fragile around that she could break, so I […]

via Heartwarming proof that little children are instinctively pro-life — Hommunism News

This is a beautiful article! I highly recommend it.

“Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories”? Uh, not that I can see!

Well now, what do we have here? An article from the “Times of Israel” which bitterly complains of what its author calls “anti-semitic conspiracy theories”. (Quite a surprise, eh? 😉) But in reading it, I discovered that every “conspiracy theory” they touched on was in actual fact TRUTH, not a theory at all. Here is the link to that article, and I will be copying quotes directly from it with my own comments following.

How YouTube became an open, lucrative stage for anti-Semitic conspiracy theories

Quote: “Spend some time on YouTube and you can learn quite a bit about Jews.”

Me: Yes, indeed!

Quote: “They are responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy; they are behind the worldwide distribution of pornography; they are the enemies of the Catholic Church; and they peddle an undue influence on American policy —  the United States Congress, for instance, is controlled by Jewish money.”

Me: And which part of any of this is just a “theory”?

Quote: “…videos that advance ideologies such as white supremacy, clips which deny historical atrocities including the Holocaust, …”

Me: The hollow-hoax is NOT an historical atrocity, unless you consider it an atrocity to deceive so many people for so long by such a means. Now there’s a thought…

Quote: He [Pastor Rick Wiles of TruNews] uses the platform to argue that Jews control the media, present a danger to Christians everywhere, and are, in his words, the “Synagogue of Satan.”

Me: Jews DO control the media, who doesn’t already know that? And even the Lord Jesus Christ called them the Synagogue of Satan, and warned his disciples that they would be persecuted by these people who “say they are Jews but are not”, so Rick is only quoting the bible. Nothing wrong with that.

Quote:. “…the YouTube spokesman told The Times of Israel. “We’ve already removed thousands of accounts and tens of thousands of videos that were wholly dedicated to hate speech, as defined by our new policies.”

Me: So, Spewtube gets to define what “hate speech” is, and remove “tens of thousands” of sites they arbitrarily decide are “wholly dedicated to hate speech”?

Quote: “… white supremacists and anti-Semites …”

Me: If you happen to have white skin, and you speak the truth about the so-called “jews” (who are NOT Jews), then you are lumped into this group…

Quote: ““They have made it very easy for anti-Semitic ideologues to just have conversations with their followers, which adds a whole new facet and element to the ability of these anti-Semites and white-supremacists to marshal supporters to respond to questions or elaborate on ideas in real time, as a result of the super chat feature,” Truchman said. “If you watch the anti-Semitic videos, you’ll see donations being made as they are ongoing.””

Me: Looks like the truth channels are greatly appreciated. That seems to be getting the crybabies into a temper tantrum.

Quote: ” Truchman also advocated for two other solutions to ameliorate the problem.

One was for YouTube to change its algorithm so it doesn’t suggest more extremist videos to users who have already watched similarly bigoted content. “They could modify their algorithm to to not exacerbate or further radicalize users by queuing more extremist videos,” he said.

The other, Truchman continued, was to consult with experts on extremism and white supremacy to respond to shrewd users who find ways to get around YouTube’s moderators.

“One of the ways that white supremacists and anti-Semites are able to evade the censors is by using coded language, which is very difficult to deal with because when you use coded language there is plausible deniability,” he said.”

Me: And THEY say truth is “hate speech”?? Looks like their own speech is deliberately designed to incite hatred against truth tellers! “Extremist videos”, “bigoted content”, “exacerbate or further radicalize”??? Wow!

And way to go, all truth tellers who figure out ways to post content in spite of persecutionary censorship! Truth must be told at any cost!!

Quote: “one of the most common white-supremacist theories, what’s often called “the replacement problem” — the belief that there’s a concerted effort to supplant the white race with racial and ethnic minorities.”

Me: Sure looks that way to most anybody with 2 eyes in their head!! And when all whites are constantly bombarded with the false notion that we need to be ashamed of being white, what ELSE are we supposed to conclude?

So there you have it. Hopefully you read the whole article in its original. It’s very enlightening.






Rothschild — Political Vel Craft

“I know thy works, and tribulation and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” The Book of Revelation, Chapter 2, Verse 9 The Obama Dead Pool Kill List! Christian Zionism Is A Monumental Lie And Legal Racket Texas Governor Abbott […]

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WOW!!! This is way too  much to read all at once, but well worth the time if you want to get a real history lesson.