HOAX TRAIN, by Graham Hart

Now here is an interesting song about the so-called “jewish holocaust”!! It’s a wake-up call to help folks get UNdeceived about Auschwitz the WORK CAMP, and the deceitful “diary” of “Anne Frank”. All photographic and video footage from Auschwitz is actual fact. Thank you to Graham Hart over at http://www.historyreviewed.com for this production.

Facebook: The New Tower Of Babel — Left Hook by Dean Henderson

(Excerpted from Chapter 1: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse) I deleted my Facebook account in June 2018. Jill followed suit shortly thereafter. I have also deleted my Twitter account. The damage done to society by these DARPA Mossad psyops can not even be measured. What passes for social media is in fact a methodology developed by […]

via Facebook: The New Tower Of Babel — Left Hook by Dean Henderson

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks, Dean Henderson!! These reasons are the very ones that keep me OFF these so-called “social” media platforms. Not to mention that any truth that may get said on them is swiftly removed by their ultra-sensitive censoring algorithms.

So, Jim M., NOW YOU KNOW. 😉

Crosswalk Warning!

My best half and myself were in Spruce Grove recently, and to our horror and dismay, we were driving along when we drove over one of those sickening rainbow crosswalks!! We had no idea it was there!! It’s on King Street, three or four blocks north of Highway 16, in case you want to avoid it.

And to top it off, later at Walmart, we received what one of my readers appropriately called a “pervert penny” (a gender insane dollar coin) in our change. It was promptly refused. The cashier was apologetic, not knowing why I didn’t want it, but when I showed her the picture on it, and told her what it was, she was as clueless as could be expected. However, she did exchange it for me, with more apologies. I have yet to see the coloured two dollar coin.

What a creepy sensation comes over me when one of these filthy coins touches my hand! 😝 I’ve thought about keeping one just long enough to get a photo of it to post, but I can’t stand the idea of having one in my posession! 😝😝

It used to be that certifiably insane people were put into asylums where they couldn’t harm themselves or society around them. But our world is so far degenerated that now these same certifiably insane people are lauded and honoured, and their insanity is highly esteemed and crammed down our gagging throats as “normal” behaviour, and taught to our children in schools!! And their depraved lunacy is glorified to the entire planet on our legal currency!! Not to mention, their perversion is proudly painted on our crosswalks!!

What a shame and disgrace!!!

Hopefully I can remember where it was, so that next time we can take a different route, and avoid this shameful display of sickening and misplaced pride!


Is it Abuse? Minimizing, Denial & BLame… Part 5 — JoyfulSurrender.com

When Jan finally got up enough courage to ask the church for help, John discredited everything she said. Since she had struggled with postpartum depression, he used that to convince the church she was completely unstable.

via Is it Abuse? Minimizing, Denial & BLame… Part 5 — JoyfulSurrender.com

Here is the final part in the series “Is it Abuse?” from JoyfulSurrender.com. As usual, it touches at the very heart of how abusers operate to create as much confusion and deception as possible in the minds of their victims, and all others around them.

I am happy to share these articles with my own readers in hopes of providing some help to victims of systematic abuse, help I didn’t find until it was almost too late.

May the Lord bless you in your search for peace.

Update on Alfred Schaefer, from NorthernTruthseeker.

Thanks to NorthernTruthseeker, we have an update on Alfred Schaefer, who will be unjustly imprisoned in a German jail cell for a long time to come, for speaking truth. Following is a screenshot of the bit that pertains to Alfred, taken from the full Sunday Rant, which you may read at the link following the photo, if you like.



Although NorthernTruthseeker mistakenly calls Alfred “Arthur”, also the original sentance was over 3 years, not 2 years,  we will forgive him. Thanks again for the update, NTS!

And keep up the good fight, Alfred!

(Edited on Aug. 13 to correct the spelling of Alfred’s surname.)

Victims of the System…

In June I wrote an epic poem, total 14 verses, describing the progression of a child from the moment he was diagnosed with A.D.D. This poem was given to me by the Lord, I wouldn’t have been able to write at this calibre or this length on my own. It is very personal, concerning a friend of my best half and myself, so in sharing it, I will be leaving off the last few stanzas where it gets personal. However, the verses shared will sufficiently demonstrate why I call these children victims of the system.

All this to introduce another blogger’s video to help make people aware of how the evil system is using our most vulnerable people, our children, as human guinea pigs. TruthStream Media at Youtube has posted this most important video. Thanks to them.

As you read, and then watch, how our children are being systematically destroyed, often with our willing consent (!!), please keep in mind that every one of us will face our Creator on judgment day to answer for how we shepherded our precious children…

Victim of the System
“He can’t sit still in school,” they said.
They called it A.D.D.
They didn’t care that God created
Little boys that way to be.

They put him quick on Ritalin
To tame his active soul.
That made him dull and pliable
And easy to control.

But as he grew he found he had
An urge to break the rules.
They added one more drug or two —
Showing themselves to be the fools.

Instead of loving discipline
They dosed him up some more.
They called it “mental illness”
As they sent him out the door.

It wasn’t long before he failed
To pass grade 9 or 10.
They’d given him a taste for drugs —
He now used heroin.

By now he’d started stealing
To support his evil habit.
He’d been to jail once or twice,
And was as fearful as a rabbit.

The more he stole and lied and drank
The more they gave him “labels”,
And the more they gave him “psycho drugs”
To try to keep him stable.

This cycle went around and round,
His record getting longer.
As long as he was still alive
The system’s grip got stronger.

They didn’t care if he could never
Overcome his vile addictions.
As long as he remained a slave —
A victim of their system…

To start, one way to protect your children from these evils, which begin before birth, is to give them birth at home, if at all possible. Another way is to home educate them. Another way is to refuse all vaccinations. So you’ll face stiff social criticism and possible stigmatization, what does that matter? Your children are the most precious treasures you’ll ever be given charge of. Do everything you can to protect them!

Take Back Your Power, Josh Del Sol

If I only post one thing today, THIS IS IT! There is enough information crammed into this one documentary to demolish any remaining doubts as to the so-called safety of “smart” technology. Maybe you already know a lot about the dangers — you will still be shocked. Maybe you have experienced some health problems — you will still cry. Maybe you have been lied to by the power companies — you will still be angrier.

Please watch this while it is still available. This calibre of exposure doesn’t last forever in our increasingly censored world.

There is absolutely no justification for these so-called “smart” meters. People need to be doing what they can to become more self-sufficient and less reliant on these corporations that supply everything… Remember the risk of a total power grid shutdown…and learn how to create your own system before that happens, if possible.

There are ways…

Is it Abuse? Part 4: Emotional Abuse & Isolation — JoyfulSurrender.com

It seems silly that something so small could ignite such a fury, but that’s the nature of domestic violence. Molehills become mountains on a regular basis when you live with an abuser.

via Is it Abuse? Part 4: Emotional Abuse & Isolation — JoyfulSurrender.com

Emotional abuse is some of the worst, in my opinion, because no matter what you say, people won’t believe you. After all, where’s the evidence? And the abuser typically has a perfect public image, which outsiders see (not to mention the victim’s seeming unstable condition).

Is it Abuse? Part 3: Coercion, Threats, Using the Children & Intimidation — JoyfulSurrender.com

One of the most common ways abusers control their victims is through coercion and threats. In the years I have worked with victims of domestic violence, nearly all of them have confirmed that these behaviors were used regularly in their homes. Some abusers threatened to leave their families and not provide for their basic needs, […]

via Is it Abuse? Part 3: Coercion, Threats, Using the Children & Intimidation — JoyfulSurrender.com