Lawcourt INsecurity??🤔

Having spent the better part of the last two days in court (supporting a friend who was on trial) I had to laugh at the fallibility of their so-called “security” process.

It’s much like going through security in an airport. First, you have to — what seems like — strip: take off all jackets, belts, hats, etc., and empty all pockets, placing all bags and pocket contents in their bins, which pass through a sort of X-ray machine. Hopefully your pants don’t fall off as you then walk through the metal detectors, where you are permitted to redress yourself — that is, if your person didn’t set off any alarms on the way through. In which case, you will be called to the side to be re-examined by a gaurd with a metal detecting wand. This all took place at the front door.

You would think this process would be totally secure…

However, on the second day, the trial process took longer than usual, and court was adjourned until after lunch, so we went downstairs to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee and a snack. Because there happened to be an outdoor courtyard there, we had to pass through another security process exactly like the front door security to return to the upper levels of the building.

That’s when I discovered, to my greatest surprise, that I had a very small pocket knife in my bag! When I was asked about it, I didn’t even believe it, but they showed me the X-ray, and sure enough… so after rummaging around for a minute or so, it was found and confiscated. (To give them credit, they allowed me to have it back if I returned it to our vehicle directly, which I did,  making another pass through front door “security” necessary….)

Here’s what was so funny: I had passed through front door security TWICE without that same knife being seen in their X-ray machine. Hmmm…! Makes you wonder just how “secure” things are, after all… 🤔

Elder Abuse?

Elder Abuse?

Let me present you with some food for thought.

We have an ancient acquaintance (in her 90’s) who still lives and works on her land, doing all kinds of work by hand (like the old days); who has been –naturally — getting tired.

She has been put into hospital against her will.

“They” (the people in the medical INDUSTRY) think she has cancer, but lo and behold, they CAN’T FIND ANY! What an enormous surprise, eh? But you can almost be sure they WILL “find” some because they’ll need to have a “reason” to radiate her and outright poison her with chemo drugs — “for her own good”, of course!!

Did they even pause to consider her desires? She wants to be at home, working in her garden. And why shouldn’t she be where she’s happy, at this time of her life? Why should she be incarcerated in a hospital against her will, possibly only to die by unnecessary medical intrusions, when she could be doing what makes her happy until she dies a natural death from plain OLD AGE!?

And to make it worse for her, she speaks no English, so not only is she unwillingly imprisoned, but she is completely isolated from everyone around her, all day long.

Poor dear, hard-working lady, who deserves to be treated more lovingly, after all she has done in her life for others…

Do you think this situation could be rightfully considered “elder abuse”?

I do.

And you may be wondering why I use terminology more suited to prisons than hospitals. For good reason: hospitals these days ARE prisons.

Don’t believe me? Let me enlighten you…

Last year my son went into hospital; “they” decided he was “mentally ill”; and then threatened him that if he tried to leave before they “released” him, they would call the RCMP and have him arrested. That is prison. When hospitals were not prisons, people could go home if they wanted to. Not anymore.

I would urge younger people to consider these thoughts before taking unwilling elders to hospital. Stop being so selfish, causing them unnecessary suffering because you’re afraid they will die. Well, I have news for you –they will anyways — but wouldn’t you rather have them die with peace and happiness where they are comfortable, instead of filled with anxiety and distress at being imprisoned; not to mention all the painful, humiliating procedures they have to endure in the name of trying to “find” what most likely isn’t even there?

Our elderlies don’t deserve to be imprisoned.

Is it Abuse? A Proven Screening Tool —

Part 2 in a Series. In order to recognize the signs of domestic abuse, most experts rely on a tool called the Power and Control Wheel. This resource was created by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project of Duluth, Minnesota in 1984,[i] and is based on observation of several focus groups of women who had been physically […]

via Is it Abuse? A Proven Screening Tool —

I am happy to share this series of articles about domestic abuse because maybe I can help someone who otherwise wouldn’t know where to get help, like in my case.

A close look at the wheel will tell you if your spouse is abusive or not. Not all abuse is obvious, like “battering”, but it is all destructive.

May the Lord help someone with this information.

Is it Really Abuse? —

Step one in becoming free from the impact of living with a destructive spouse or partner is admitting the truth. Oddly enough, we find that many times victims of domestic abuse do not even recognize that they are being abused. Rather they make excuses for their partners and almost justify the mistreatment– especially if they […]

via Is it Really Abuse? —

Yes, this is SOOO TRUE!! And another reason it can be hard to admit the truth, is that once people have heard your lies about how good your marriage is, they tend NOT to believe the truth, and accuse you of lying!! And it can be very hard to get help if you do not know where to turn…



The Great Divide – The Rise of Homosexuality and Fall of Heterosexuality — RUBICONCROSSROAD

The Great Divide – The rise of Homosexuality and fall of Heterosexuality – their interconnections between political ideologies, religion and involvement with pedophilia and human trafficking. March 9th, 2015 by ©Robert Erickson-White [OP/ED] Well, I’m not going to “tip-toe” gently around this subject and cautiously dip my foot in the frigid waters regarding […]

via The Great Divide – The Rise of Homosexuality and Fall of Heterosexuality — RUBICONCROSSROAD

This is an older article, but still VERY relevant, if not more so now, than it was even four yrs ago. There is SERIOUS corruption going on in high places, pedophilia in the so called Ministry of Child and Family Development in Canada, aka Social Services or Child Protection Services.

I for one will not be behind in sharing this information because our precious children are being kidnapped, sexually molested, killed, caused to commit suicide, etc., etc., etc., in the system that is SUPPOSED to protect them! And innocent parents are losing their kids for no reasons, and being ignored and abused by the same system that kidnapped their children!! And everything covered up and dismissed.

How can these barbarities be condoned in what we call a civilized society? Following is a question put forward in one of the links contained in this original post…

What else can parents do to protect their children?

They can get their kids OUT of this cesspool of filthy deviant behaviour euphemistically called the public education system, and find some way to educate them at home. They can, like Frank Frost says in the included video, say NO!!!

We do not have to roll over and play dead to these perverts! We can say NO!

And Frank is absolutely right when he says that IF WE KEEP SILENT WE ARE ACCOMPLICES IN THESE CRIMES! We are just as guilty as the ones who commit them.

Sharing this post is my way of speaking up. Be warned, some portions are filled with offensive language, but the message MUST get out, however that happens. Good people are understandably furious at the sickening demoralization of our once moral society.

And Frank Frost is also absolutely right in stating that the reason for this gender insane push is to legalise and “normalize” the sexual molestation of our children!!

And Frank also states the obvious when he says that parents who put their children into these so-called public schools are deliberately putting their own children at risk of being molested.

Right now I am going to mention my own despising of one aspect of the so-called Child Protection Services and all its related departments. The fact that people can report parents to this corrupt system ANONYMOUSLY, WITH NO EVIDENCE WHATEVER!! And the system, WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE WHATEVER, can kidnap children right out of their parents’ loving arms, based solely upon an anonymous report!!

Open your eyes and ears and help expose this evil for what it is.

Had a Small Conversation About G.I. With the Head Dude, No Less!!


While in gender-insanity-pushing Jasper, I noticed that almost every store has these small, but very noticable rainbow stickers on their doors. So naturally I wanted to take a photo to share on my blog; not, I might add, because of any liking for them, but in order to show how the world is being flushed down the toilet, morally speaking.

The left photo is the first I took, and when I went next door to take the right one, a man commented with approval, “I saw you taking a picture over there,” with a large grin on his face. Here is a run-down on our conversation:

Me: “Yes. What do you think?”

Him: “That’s my place.”

Me: “Did you put the stickers there? Are you proud of that?”

Him: (with obvious pride): “Yes. What’s there not to be proud of?”

Me: “It’s insane! How can anybody be proud of such an abomination?!”

Him: (with shock and abhorrance written all over his now DISapproving face, and taking a large step back from me): “That is not a conversation I am going to have, and this is not the time or place to have such a conversation, and I wouldn’t have it if it was!”

Me: “Very well,” and I removed myself from the store he was working at.

Later, after rejoining our friend Monika Schaefer (yes, the one and only!), and telling her about this encounter, she informed me that this same man is no less than the HEAD DUDE of the gender insane agenda push in Jasper!! Wow! And that he dresses up in “drag” and performs in Jasper’s “pride parades”! Whew!

By the way, Jasper has its very own rainbow crosswalk: no, I did NOT cross there. 😝 But I think, if the ice cream had not agreed with my stomach, I would have liked to return it on that crosswalk…

Just sayin’!


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YAY!! Some folks have managed to save some of Alfred Schaefer’s material on platforms other than Spewtube!! Here is a good one.

Spewtube, by the way, has completely shut down Alfred’s channel. But go to his sister’s WordPress blog,, and look for her post on how to contact Alfred himself, who is now spending some time in a German prison for speaking truth at Monika’s trial! Encourage him by sending a letter, he would like that.