once saved, always saved? — larrysmusings

For those who believe that a Christian is solely “justified” by faith alone, there is an appeal in this idea that once a person, more specifically a Christian is “saved” (bear in mind that God is the final judge, not our fellow human beings), he or she is always saved, and cannot lose that saving […]

via once saved, always saved? — larrysmusings

Great post from Larry over at larrysmusings here on wordpress (see above link).

The Lord gave me this poem one morning in early June. Read it carefully and prayerfully.

God or Sin?

The love of God constrains you if you let it work within.

(It’s less about his love for you, than about your love for him.)

“How much do you love Jesus?” will determine how you act;

And if you love him TRULY ’twill make you flee sin — that’s a fact.

But if you keep on wanting sin and all the filth it proffers,

It means you really don’t love Christ or anything he offers:

Forgiveness for your sin, and grace to overcome its lure;

The blood of Christ to wash your soul and make you clean and pure.

But just like pigs and dogs and swine (they’d rather have their vomit),

You keep desiring Satan’s filth — you roll around right on it.

But here is what is WORSE BY FAR — when you say, “I love you”,

Then sneak around and sin some more and smear Christ’s face with poo!!

It’s up to you to choose which path you want to walk in life:

A path of purity and peace, or one that’s filled with strife.

So make your choice and make it well; choose carefully, my friend.

The love of Christ? The love of sin?

It can’t be both.

The End.

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