Another Reason Why I Am An Anti-Vaxxer: Important Video Shows Proof That Human DNA Is Used In Vaccines! — Northerntruthseeker

As I have stated many times before; I am an ‘ANTI-VAXXER’ and absolutely proud of that fact… I have been researching vaccines for decades now and have written extensively about them here at this blog… 412 more words

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The entire vaccine agenda is 100% EVIL!! Can injecting foreign substances, especially aborted fetal cells, substances obtained by deliberate murder of the most innocent,  be considered “defiling the temple of the Holy Ghost”? YES, it surely is a defiling of the temple.

Time to rethink your position on this issue, especially if you call yourself a Christian…

Well, Well, Why am I NOT Surprised?

From comes this article which shows just how ludicrous the vaccine-pushing media has become. Even their own people, like the CDC and others, are proclaiming that it’s NOT the so-called “anti-vaxxers” who are dangerous, but the HIGHLY VACCINATED populations!!

Anti Vaxxers are Dangerous and Should Be Arrested?

Yes, we do indeed live in a police state…


once saved, always saved? — larrysmusings

For those who believe that a Christian is solely “justified” by faith alone, there is an appeal in this idea that once a person, more specifically a Christian is “saved” (bear in mind that God is the final judge, not our fellow human beings), he or she is always saved, and cannot lose that saving […]

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Great post from Larry over at larrysmusings here on wordpress (see above link).

The Lord gave me this poem one morning in early June. Read it carefully and prayerfully.

God or Sin?

The love of God constrains you if you let it work within.

(It’s less about his love for you, than about your love for him.)

“How much do you love Jesus?” will determine how you act;

And if you love him TRULY ’twill make you flee sin — that’s a fact.

But if you keep on wanting sin and all the filth it proffers,

It means you really don’t love Christ or anything he offers:

Forgiveness for your sin, and grace to overcome its lure;

The blood of Christ to wash your soul and make you clean and pure.

But just like pigs and dogs and swine (they’d rather have their vomit),

You keep desiring Satan’s filth — you roll around right on it.

But here is what is WORSE BY FAR — when you say, “I love you”,

Then sneak around and sin some more and smear Christ’s face with poo!!

It’s up to you to choose which path you want to walk in life:

A path of purity and peace, or one that’s filled with strife.

So make your choice and make it well; choose carefully, my friend.

The love of Christ? The love of sin?

It can’t be both.

The End.

The Biggest Con Man in U.S. Presidential History — Mystery Worshiper’s Blog

Yes, he’s even a bigger CON than Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama and we thought that was impossible. My correspondent in the USA sent me a link to his website. It contains some very interesting links to articles that support his claim of Don the Con. (Apologies to all who had high hopes that President Trump […]

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This is a VERY interesting article, indeed! There are many links within it, too many to follow, but even the few I looked at, along with the main article, give an extremely unflattering view of the present condition of the “United States of Israel” under Donald Trump.

Not that I’m the least bit surprised!!!

We shall just have to wait and see what transpires…

Language is a Weapon- James Corbett — Penny for your thoughts

James Corbett:Brief and excellent! SHOW NOTESPolitics and the English Language, by George Orwell (text)Politics and the English Language, by George Orwell (video)Corbett Report Radio 186 – Politics and Language with Andrew Gavin Marshall“Enemy Combatants” and drone killingsThe Phoenix Program by Douglas ValentineInterview 1248 – Douglas Valentine on the Resurrection of the Phoenix ProgramThe Tyranny…

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Speaking of ways folks are being decieved, this video shared first by Penny over at Penny for your Thoughts here on WordPress, is a very interesting explanation of what Goerge Orwell called “Newsspeak” or “Doublespeak” in his book “1984”.

Well worth the listen. It’s three quarters of an hour. Less time than most people take for their favourite “no-think-ment” on TV…  😉


Technology is Becoming Indistinguishable From Reality. “Becoming”…? Hmmm!

From over at SpewTube, comes this very enlightening, but super creepy topic of how technology is already becoming indistinguishable from reality. The sick thing about it is that people prefer it that way… Not that I’m surprised… People have always been finding ways to run from reality; drugs, alcohol, porn, etc. But technology is making it easier and more “acceptable”; that’s the problem.

The worst of it now is that even folks looking for truthful information on which to base decisions and conclusions, are not able to tell the difference between the real and the false. The false looks so real that it will deceive many…

Watch the following, then I will make my final comments.


The bible warns many times in relation to the last days, “Be not deceived…” The reason for this is that in today’s world, there are more ways to be deceived than in any other period of history. We cannot fight against this deception by ourselves. Unless we are born again and living holy lives, we will be deceived.

“And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”                                          2 Thessalonians 2:11, 12

This means that those who refuse to believe and love the truth, those who enjoy even the smallest of unrighteous pleasures, shall be deceived; God will see to that. These people won’t have enough discernment to distinguish between the real and the false.

The only way to avoid having God himself send you strong delusion is to repent, and turn to God with a true heart, and walk in righteousness from now on. Get a genuine love of the truth, and walk in it. Hate evil, and love righteousness.

Without that, there is no hope.

Exposing The Fraud Of Transgenderism: Mentally Imbalanced Idiots Are Mutilating Their Own Children In Botched Transgender “Operations”! — Northerntruthseeker

Every day now, I see article after article about the FRAUD of “transgenderism”, and all it is doing is turning my stomach….. I will state clearly here my stance on this fraud, as I see it as nothing but a bunch of brain damaged and mentally deficient idiots that do need psychological help….. 1,162 more…

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I cannot agree more fully than I already do with Northern Truthseeker on this issue!  Hooray for Mike Adams, who is sticking to his guns in spite of the LGBT-PP insanity!

“LGBT Equality Act”- Will Trump Submit to “Gay Gestapo”? Of Course!

This whole thing sickens me, but it surprises me that the USA has not already caved to this insanity?!? It’s been a fact of life in Canada for who knows how long. And wasn’t it in the states where the Christian bakery got slammed for not baking that cake? The following newscast from gives the full view of what is coming in greater measure to America. Here, we can expect the same strong-arm tactics to increase once this passes, and it will, as you will see just WHY Trump will certainly sign it. This topic begins at minute 15, if you wish to skip what isn’t relevant to the title.

Now for my own comments:

What we know today as “the church” is a counterfeit entity that bears no relation to the true church. The true body of Christ is not registered with the government or subject to any of its corruption.

Anybody professing any belief in God should have removed their children from public schools a long time ago!

Rick and co. seem to be surprised that the state owns the “products of the union”, exactly the wording for “children” in the finest print on the backs of government-issued “marriage licences”. It would be wise for Christian couples to rethink whether they want government as the head of their marriage, or the Lord.

Apparently, Trump and co. have declared June to be “LGBT pride month”?!? How sick is that?!? Don’t expect me to go along with that! I almost needed a barf bucket the other day when I saw a man dressed in drag in the bank where I had business to do!

Rick and co. ask why “evangelicals” don’t oppose this ever-increasing gender insane takeover. Open your eyes, Rick: it’s because these churches are not the true church! They are embracing this insanity,  not resisting it at all, for the most part. And don’t think you can escape or fight it yourself, Rick, if you have taken the 501(c)3 tax exemption. By taking that number, you have bound yourself and your organization to the same corrupt government that these gender insane creatures are using to pressure everyone else.

Rick seems quite behind the times on some things; there is already a gender insane “bible” that has taken out all references to what an abomination this behavior is.

One last thing: Are you ready to speak out against this issue, or are you scared to? Are you ready to be beaten in the SIN-agogues or even beheaded for standing against this insanity, or are you going to “play it safe”? Are you willing to be severely reproached and vilified in your communities for speaking the truth about this, or are you just going to “go along to get along”? Are you strong enough to stand by your word without capitulating to them when they demand an “apology”? It’s going to be rough, but truth is truth, and we MUST stand on that, come what may. Lord, help us!!