Free Speech and Shutting Down the Vaccine Debate, by Truthstream Media.

Why do those folks who desire control over others always seem to miss the entire point? Why do they lump everyone into “pro”- or “anti”- groups? The whole point over the vaccine issue is NOT whether anyone is pro- or anti- vaccination; the entire argument is that people MUST be allowed to make INFORMED DECISIONS, whether or not they choose to vaccinate!

Please listen to the following video from Truth Stream Media over at spewtube, and tell me they’re not planning to criminalize and incarcerate anyone who even questions vaccines!

Why are these creatures so against open debate? It’s totally because they know they would lose the debate. Period. The facts are all on the other side. Did you catch that this Dr. Hotez equates the “vaccine hesitant” with “holocaust deniers”? Do you see what is happening, folks? They want to imprison people who question vaccines and the official narrative, just like they do to truthful “holocaust deniers”!

Why?? Because they can’t win against the truth, so they try to silence it by throwing the truth tellers into prison. But it doesn’t work!

If they had all the facts on their side, they wouldn’t fear any discussion about any issue, and they certainly wouldn’t have to criminalize people who question them. All this “hate group” and “hate speech” C.R.A.P. is nothing but the deliberate demonization of all who speak truth!!

Please also visit the National Vaccine Information Center at to inform yourself about this vital topic. Don’t wait for others to inform you; you’re the one who cares the most about your childrens’ health and well-being. Be proactive, and don’t be afraid to stick to your guns –so to speak — in defense of their health.