Banned Christchurch “Shooting” Video–NOT What They Claim.

Following is a link to the so-called “shooting” which purportedly happened in NZ in mid March. This is what NZ is calling “too violent, etc.” and have threatened anyone with 10 years in jail for possessing! This is what the so-called “social” media platforms are violently suppressing.

We need to ask “WHY??” What’s in it that is so incriminating to the perpetrators that they have to scare people into deleting it? Watch for yourself. I can’t see it, my old ipad won’t play Bitchute, but do you watch it, and don’t be afraid of their threats. Northerntruthseeker at  has seen it many times, and assures us it has nothing gory or violent in it. Others who have analysed it say it’s made like a shoot ’em up video game.


Remember that.

Update: April 1/19– I just finished watching the above video from a faster computer, and lo and behold! there is nothing in here to shock anybody’s sensitivities — and I should know; I hate gory stuff. Having seen enough shooting damage from when my sons were hunting (especially when they had shot more than once), there is absolutely nothing in here even remotely close to people getting shot! This guy is shooting pointblank into piles of “bodies” on the floor, and THERE IS NO BLOOD ANYWHERE. No shot holes in people’s backs. NOTHING.

Also, I noticed that in one pile, after about the second or third time it had been riddled with shots, that one of the “bodies” started to sit up and look around at the “shooter”.

Oh yeah. And then he just magically shoots a few times THROUGH HIS OWN WINDSHIELD without breaking it!! Wow! More dads should install this kind of glass as protection against boys’ baseballs!!

The whole thing was so phoney! The only reason I can see for NZ to threaten folks with 10 years in jail for posting this, is that the perpetrators don’t want their operation to be exposed for the obviously imbecilic stupidity that it is!

Christchuch Massacre: Devout Christians and Israeli Zionists are Responsible

Very insightful and true. Sharing.

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*Israeli Zionists are coaches for the acts of churchgoing Christian Zionists (CZ hereafter). We Hold These Truths will not take an accessible, wrong path by joining those who blame the standing President and his politics for the massacre at Christchurch mosque. His are only a few of many hate acts against Muslims and Islamic states. One that our President did not control occurred the same morning in Gaza on March 15, 2019. We Hold These Truths leaders demand a more logical cause for Islamaphobia, and we found it in our evangelical churches long before Donald Trump held any office.

We named the racist based theology found in evangelical churches, “Christian Zionism.” It allows and justifies mass murders. Some Christian Zionist leaders have even called for past and future war. We Hold These Truths has been pointing to the blood guilt…

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Other Losses: The Eisenhower Death Camps.

Yes, there were death camps in Germany. Yes, millions died in them. But NO, the death camps weren’t German, they were American. And they didn’t kill millions of jews, they killed Germans.

Please watch the following video to learn of the atrocities committed by the allies, the so-called “good guys” AFTER the war was over.

This brought tears to my eyes. 😢 Keep passing on the truth.

Free Speech and Shutting Down the Vaccine Debate, by Truthstream Media.

Why do those folks who desire control over others always seem to miss the entire point? Why do they lump everyone into “pro”- or “anti”- groups? The whole point over the vaccine issue is NOT whether anyone is pro- or anti- vaccination; the entire argument is that people MUST be allowed to make INFORMED DECISIONS, whether or not they choose to vaccinate!

Please listen to the following video from Truth Stream Media over at spewtube, and tell me they’re not planning to criminalize and incarcerate anyone who even questions vaccines!

Why are these creatures so against open debate? It’s totally because they know they would lose the debate. Period. The facts are all on the other side. Did you catch that this Dr. Hotez equates the “vaccine hesitant” with “holocaust deniers”? Do you see what is happening, folks? They want to imprison people who question vaccines and the official narrative, just like they do to truthful “holocaust deniers”!

Why?? Because they can’t win against the truth, so they try to silence it by throwing the truth tellers into prison. But it doesn’t work!

If they had all the facts on their side, they wouldn’t fear any discussion about any issue, and they certainly wouldn’t have to criminalize people who question them. All this “hate group” and “hate speech” C.R.A.P. is nothing but the deliberate demonization of all who speak truth!!

Please also visit the National Vaccine Information Center at to inform yourself about this vital topic. Don’t wait for others to inform you; you’re the one who cares the most about your childrens’ health and well-being. Be proactive, and don’t be afraid to stick to your guns –so to speak — in defense of their health.

Ole Dammergard interviewed on Christchurch “Mass Shooting”.

Here is the link to a very interesting interview, discussing the latest “event”, which happened in New Zealand this time. It’s WELL WORTH hearing!

Absolutely diabolical what these creatures are doing!

(Comment for Northerntruthseeker, if you happen to see this: It seems Bitchute has already flagged the video. Wish you had a comment section! It’s extremely frustrating not being able to comment on some of your very good material.)

As Gov’t Pushes Mandatory Vaccination, Contaminated Vaccines Found in 3 States Causing Infections — The American Awakening

Article Source By Matt Agorist Last month, measles hysteria came to a head as every single mainstream media outlet across the country ran with stories pumping fear over some non-existent epidemic. Headlines like “For God’s Sake! Vaccinate Your Children!” and “Measles is on the rise. But telling anti-vaxxers they’re stupid won’t fix it” have run…

via As Gov’t Pushes Mandatory Vaccination, Contaminated Vaccines Found in 3 States Causing Infections — The American Awakening

This topic must be debated openly and honestly, not just crammed down everyone’s unwilling throats! Following is a letter to the editor written by me earlier this week in response to the paper’s headline “Vaccination Should be Mandatory”, and in which the writer postulated in a very high and mighty way that people who question, or don’t vaccinate could “seriously harm their children or even kill them”, and who also said that those he calls “anti-vaxers”, among other loaded names, could “actually be playing into the hands of those who may want to harm our children.” Identifying details have been deleted.


Dear Editor,

This letter is a response to Mr. ——‘s “Afterthoughts” from March 4 entitled “Vaccination Should be Mandatory”.
Mr. ——, with all due respect, you must be asked if you have ever examined any evidence on this topic? You speak as one who only knows who butters his bread. There is plenty of hard factual evidence proving that vaccines are connected with autism, allergies and even sudden death. Many big-name doctors have risked their reputations and lifetime careers to bring this truth out into the open. Dr. Andrew Wakefield of the U.K. and Dr. Robert F. Kennedy, to name only two of the many.
Parents who care very deeply about their children are wise to ask questions and do their own research before making any decision about vaccines; NOT, as you say, putting their children at risk of serious harm or even death.
Putting down any real debate by labelling wisely cautious parents and truthful scientists as paranoid “anti-vaxers” and “conspiracy theorists” is not worthy of a newspaper reporter. Maybe you don’t realize that what you are saying here is what is “actually playing into the hands of those who may want to harm our children”? There must be free and open debate on the topic of vaccination (among others), not simply a cry for more government bullying and control.
For all who may be interested, you can borrow the documentary series called “Vaccines Revealed”, a well-balanced look at both sides of the issue, which is available in the ———- Library. (Watch past the credits.)
Please make informed decisions; the lives of our children are far too precious not to!


————   ————

I hope they print it.