The MIRACLE of Life.

Found this beautiful video over at and just had to share it with my own readers! The miracle of birth — whenever I have witnessed it — never fails to bring tears of joy to my eyes, whether it is a human baby or an animal.

But to get a glimpse into the snug sanctuary of the human womb, and see what only the Lord has seen up to now, as he lovingly watches over the forming of every new child, is to feel very privileged indeed!! And it fills me with an awe that cannot be described!

How GREAT is our God! How marvellous are the works of his hands!! O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together! (Ps. 34:3)

And to think that so many of these precious babies are sacrificed on the altar of selfishness just breaks my heart!! I can only imagine how it must break the heart of God, who has looked on until…it is brutally torn from the safety of its womb, and carelessly thrown away. Oh, the agony our loving Creator must feel! I could cry right now, just thinking of it.

By presenting this video to my readers, I hope to impress upon them the value and sacredness of every life, from the moment of conception, all the way to the last days of old age. Every person has eternal value. Let us all remember that.