Realtime Microchip Implantation at Mobile World Conference 2019

What do mobile device comapnaies have to do with microchipping folks? Everything, apparently. The following link from is a video clip taken AT the Mobile World Conference 2019, in which they implant a microchip into a man’s hand on stage, then demonstrate how it works.

How many of you are already completely dependent upon your mobile devices? Some people’s entire lives are already organized and ordered by their smart phones. How many of you will be willing or able to drop that phone into the nearest river to avoid taking the devil’s mark? How many of you love personal convenience and instant transactions?

Think about these questions… The more you rely on your smart phone, the more likely you will be to take the mark of the beast. Your whole life will come crashing down, after all, without your device!

Are you a Christian? Why is your entire life wrapped up in the world’s conveniences, anyways? The devil’s hook is never visible to worldly-minded believers until they feel it’s barb under their armour, tugging them away from total dependance upon the Lord Jesus Christ! Please watch the following video.

Don’t be fooled into believing this chip is only capable of certain personal actions programmed into it. And don’t be fooled into thinking of how “easy” they tell you it is to remove if you don’t want it anymore. The bible clearly says that if you take it, your soul is damned; your life is written IN THE EARTH.

It’s long past time for sleepy believers to wake up and see how far their love of the world and the things of the world (1 John 2:15) has taken them into the devil’s territory! Seek for true repentance and a new heart; one which only loves the Lord Jesus and to please him!

2 thoughts on “Realtime Microchip Implantation at Mobile World Conference 2019

  1. And the company that will bring you the mark…AT&T, aka “Lucent” technologies. The book by Texe Marr’s, “Project LUCID” was a real eye opener. And they’re getting the “mark” closer than ever before. The bible says many will take this mark, that means those who do not believe in Christ, even some who do believe in Him will probably take it too. But they must realize that they are being deceived by evil spirits and resist. God does not want a single one of us to be lost.

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    1. Only those who fully trust the Lord will be able to resist it. And how many, even among what is commonly called Christianity, are truly trusting God, even now? Most can’t even believe that Jesus died and rose again to give us the same power he had in a human body to live holy lives (without any known sin)!! The bible warns that many will be deceived, and I’m afraid many already are…


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