What the Last Days Will Look Like, by Pastor David Lankford.

Here is an excellent sermon on the present day in which we live, the last days, according to scripture. While there are one or two minor details I don’t fully agree with him on, what he says is necessary and absolutely relevant to anyone with an ear to hear. Please listen to the following video from thevoiceofevangelism.com, and I will have more comments afterwards.

Things are much worse in our society than Mr. Lankford even says here. We see the exploitation of children to feed the sodomite lust for the perverse. We see ever more evil being called “good”, while the good is being increasingly criminalized.

But yes, as he says, we MUST stand for God and truth, come what may. And may our stand be pure and free from conflict…


While I do applaud Kim Davis for being willing to go to jail for refusing to issue a “marriage” “license” to the sodomites, we have to remember that she took an oath to have her particular job in the first place. She took an OATH, something a Christian is commanded not to do… She then broke that oath to refuse service in the office she took the oath to serve… She has a serious conflict of interest.

And why did I put quotation marks around the words marriage and license, above? First, marriage was instituted by God, and the state does not acknowledge God’s authority in any way. Their definition of marriage is a “corporate business agreement”, something anyone may contract themselves into, even sodomites. The fact that the state issues a license for people to be “married” is proof that they are the head of that union, NOT the Lord. Since when did God command his people to get a license (permission) from the God-hating secular state to get married?

Just some food for thought…