Important Video: Is This The Real Reason Why The Peaceful And Innocent Nation Of Venezuela Is Being Attacked By The US And Israel? — Northerntruthseeker

I always knew that if you dig deep enough into any criminal “regime change” happening anywhere across the planet, you will eventually hit a Jewish carcass behind them all…. 420 more words

via Important Video: Is This The Real Reason Why The Peaceful And Innocent Nation Of Venezuela Is Being Attacked By The US And Israel? — Northerntruthseeker

Methinks this IS the very reason why Venezuela is being attacked right now. Please watch the three minute video. Nobody gets away with speaking the truth about Israel, or opposing their evil.

And from The Burning Blogger of Bedlam, here on WordPress, we have the following article, which discusses the ramifications of a recently passed US “anti-semitism” Bill…

Hmm!! The net is fast encircling the truth tellers…


PreChristmas Crackdown on Chinese Christians

From in Beijing, here is a relevant article about the Chinese government’s crackdown on Christians who refuse to join with the state’s atheistic Three-Self “Church”.

The final comment by one of the free church’s members is something all Christians worldwide need to ponder… (in essence) that repression of the church will cause unbelievers to see the beauty of true Christianity, when they see the faithfulness of true believers under persecution.

And another article from the same source: yes, it’s a little old, but never out of date, if it keeps happening, as it most certainly does. In this one, you can hear the position of the state-appointed hirelings — or, pastors — who run the government Three-Self “churches”.

To quote one of the state hirelings, whose name is Pastor Wu Weiqing: “We have to remember first of all we are a citizen of this country,” he says. “And we are a citizen of the Kingdom of God. That comes second.” WHAAT??

Ahem! But it’s sooo similar to the so-called “reasoning” heard in western “Christian” circles…  If you put your Kingdom citizenship AFTER patriotism to your country, you are going to show up as a false Christian… like Mr. Wu… Just a state mouthpiece…

Just sayin’!!

What the Last Days Will Look Like, by Pastor David Lankford.

Here is an excellent sermon on the present day in which we live, the last days, according to scripture. While there are one or two minor details I don’t fully agree with him on, what he says is necessary and absolutely relevant to anyone with an ear to hear. Please listen to the following video from, and I will have more comments afterwards.

Things are much worse in our society than Mr. Lankford even says here. We see the exploitation of children to feed the sodomite lust for the perverse. We see ever more evil being called “good”, while the good is being increasingly criminalized.

But yes, as he says, we MUST stand for God and truth, come what may. And may our stand be pure and free from conflict…


While I do applaud Kim Davis for being willing to go to jail for refusing to issue a “marriage” “license” to the sodomites, we have to remember that she took an oath to have her particular job in the first place. She took an OATH, something a Christian is commanded not to do… She then broke that oath to refuse service in the office she took the oath to serve… She has a serious conflict of interest.

And why did I put quotation marks around the words marriage and license, above? First, marriage was instituted by God, and the state does not acknowledge God’s authority in any way. Their definition of marriage is a “corporate business agreement”, something anyone may contract themselves into, even sodomites. The fact that the state issues a license for people to be “married” is proof that they are the head of that union, NOT the Lord. Since when did God command his people to get a license (permission) from the God-hating secular state to get married?

Just some food for thought…

UN and N.Y. Times Target Anti-Vaxxers, Push to End Exemptions — The American Awakening

Article Source The establishment just launched a full-blown attack against medical freedom and people concerned about the safety and efficacy of vaccines, with so-called “anti-vaxxers” and exemptions to mandatory vaccines in the crosshairs. 1,593 more words

via UN and N.Y. Times Target Anti-Vaxxers, Push to End Exemptions — The American Awakening

And the saga continues…

The push to force everyone into getting vaxxed, like it or not!

Who is ready to walk away from their driver’s license, passport, etc., or remove their children from public school?

Who is willing to trust only Creator God with the health of the bodies he created, rather than let the evil agendists stick it to them?

And how many will be able to say NO to poison darts (aka vaccines) in the face of job loss, pension theft, etc.: because there is no end to the ways they can and eventually will punish people for refusing these evil injections!

The only way to be willing and able to take the persecution that comes from vaccine refusal is to have a real, abiding faith in the faithfulness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Most everybody else will cave to the pressure and deprivation inflicted on refusers…

The pushers are ruthless!!


Argentina launches new vaccine mandate for passports, licenses and more — The American Awakening

Article Source Health freedom is under attack around the globe, as nations everywhere are adopting increasingly tyrannical vaccine policies. Government officials in Argentina have just announced the passing of legislation which will make vaccination mandatory for citizens who want access to “luxuries” like passports, driver’s licenses and other essentials. 642 more words

via Argentina launches new vaccine mandate for passports, licenses and more — The American Awakening

As if things couldn’t get any worse for the folks who believe in natural health! Guess when they demand an updated vaccine report on me at the time of my DL renewal, I’ll have to walk away without a driver’s license…

The one and only time I foolishly allowed them to give me a vaccine, was when I was young and easily intimidated, and needed that job… But…



During immunization, children are injected with Triton X-100, a chemical surfactant made by Dow Chemical — The American Awakening

Article Source Many people have been inadvertently allowing a toxic detergent chemical to enter their bodies. The list of vaccine excipients that the CDC released in January 2017 contains some of the most dubious and toxic ingredients used by the pharmaceutical industry. One such ingredient, Triton X-100, is an industrial grade detergent used mainly in textile and…

via During immunization, children are injected with Triton X-100, a chemical surfactant made by Dow Chemical — The American Awakening

How many more reasons in my ever-growing (endless) list of reasons must be presented to people before they AVOID VACCINES ALTOGETHER?

How many more children and elderlies must get sick and/or die before people wake up and stop allowing foreign substances to be injected into their bodies?

Imagine the Lies — Greencrow As The Crow Flies

There are none so blind as those who WILL not see!I received the above photo a day or so ago from my blogging colleague, Ed(itor) former blogmaster of “Occurrences”. He also sent me this link and snippet therefrom. Please read and I will have more comments to follow:*************************Deep State Doesn’t Want to Expose Full Truth…

via Imagine the Lies — Greencrow As The Crow Flies

This is an EXCELLENT documentary on 9/11, which I watched the first edition when it first came out shortly after the incident. It’s worth watching the whole thing.

And, as Greencrow says, imagine how many more lies we don’t even know about!

Question everything “they” tell you…

This is an OUTRAGE!! 😤

And this is Canada, supposedly!

From the Trenches World Report has this to say about Canadian drunk driving “laws” that can harass and intimidate little old ladies for missing their turn, of all things!!

Who has never missed a turn, and had to make quick u-turn or over-the-median jerk to get back on track? Wow. But in light of our newer laws, they can do the same up to 2 hours AFTER you arrive home, forcing you to prove you weren’t drunk while driving 2 hours earlier, or before you arrived at the restuarant for dinner! See a prvious article posted on this page. Even a non-drinker like this elderly lady becomes a victim of police arrogance and brutality…


Additional info from Dan Dicks at Press for Truth: Be Prepared!


Today’s World is Gone Completely Bonkers!

From The Truthseeker at, is this article explaining why it is dangerous and foolish to adopt a so-called “gender neutral” vocabulary, etc. when raising children. It ends with the statement that this insane path “could make a mess of our children”. COULD??? No, it WILL!

We MUST maintain the truth in our vocabulary! I remember them changing “chairman” to “chairperson”, “spokesman” to “spokesperson”, and that was ages ago! I still use the old terms, but others are slowly being eroded from my memory, to my great dismay!

But NEVER will I use the insane gender “pronouns” that have been invented recently! This whole sickening agenda makes me want to gag! 😝

And to leave children on their own to try to sort it all out is nothing but child abuse!!