G👀gle Hub and Faceb👀k Portal Make Orwell’s 1984 a Reality!!

Well, folks, 1984 is here in more ways than one; but if we remember correctly, Aldous Huxley was more accurate in that he proposed that future people would do just EXACTLY what they are now doing — eagerly welcoming these Orwellian devices.

Seriously?? Who in their right mind — wait a minute! How many ARE…??

From Dan Dicks at pressfortruth.ca, we have another excellent video exposing these evil devices for what they are — spying devices disguised as ways to “stay connected” with family and loved ones.

Are YOU going to get Big Brother’s latest cool tool designed to fool you into giving them 24/7 access to your private life? NOT ME!! I already have my camera and mic taped over since a long time ago, and I don’t get apps. Even with these precautions, they can still send me ads for things I’ve talked about in the vicinity of my device!

Only naïve and simple people believe everything they are told…