“I felt so damaged & broken hearted” — JoyfulSurrender.com

Not everyone understands domestic violence. People are quick to say I would never accept that behavior, but they have never experienced the subtle mind games they play. They keep you so confused you don’t even realize what is happening until after you’ve been sucked in.

via “I felt so damaged & broken hearted” — JoyfulSurrender.com

In order to help my readers better understand domestic violence, I have shared this woman’s story.

Many people will judge a woman wrongly in such cases, when they have never experienced this type of mind control. (Even if they have, they can judge wrongly, if they still believe women are expected to submit to everything a man does…).

Be encouraged. There IS help, and the Lord will lead you to it, if you are willing to trust him for the courage and strength to step out and embrace it.

I and my best half have written a small book which addresses the so-called “church’s” part in helping to enable the abuser by their false teachings on submission. We are willing to share this book with any who are suffering abuse, and would like to read it, and learn what God really means when he talks about submission. Simply message me here at this blog with your address, and we will send you one free.


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