Sandy Hook Hoax, the Germans Holocaust, and the Real Final Solution

Here is an excellent article that clearly shows the jewish connection between the so-called “holocaust” of WW2 Germany, and the Sandy Hook hoax, shared from It’s a longish read, but well worth the time it takes. Take note that America has been written out of the plan…

People need to start reading the bible again. There’s only one plan of salvation, and only one way to eternal life. As long as people want their sin, as long as they believe they can simply call themselves Christians, without having repented of or forsaken all their sinning, they will miss that way. As long as they believe they can take up arms and fight to kill, they will miss that way.

The end is very near; where will your soul spend eternity?



Human 2.0 is Almost Here: The Transhumanism Agenda Just Went Mainstream. TruthstreamMedia.

Before watching this video, read the entire chapter of Revelation 13 in the Authorised King James bible. Pay attention to the oft-repeated phrase “them that dwell on the earth”. These are the ones whose names are NOT written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. These are the ones who will be accepting this evil technology, and welcoming the transhuman “reality”. These are the ones who worship the beast and his image.

And just like Melissa Dykes points out, that group will be far bigger than the ones who don’t. Already, the pressure to “go paperless” is mounting. Pretty soon, they will decide that you can’t get paper billing anymore, or make you pay more outrageous fees to do so, to force those of us who still have paper billing to “go paperless”. They want everyone online.

Here is the video from over at spew-tube.


These pushers ask, What will you do? We must know ahead of time what we are willing to suffer to avoid being part of their evil collective. For myself and my best half, we have already decided that we would rather starve to death than worship the beast.

WE TRUST JESUS CHRIST, and are fully prepared to lay down our lives for his cause. We will NOT worship the beast.

Breathtaking BEFORE and AFTER Images of Hurricane Michael Destruction – Highimpactvlogs

Take a look at the destruction of Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach, FL. This video comes from Brian over at, on spew-tube. Horrendous, isn’t it? And to think, this kind of damage is “all in a day’s work” to the geoengineering monsters who manipulate storms to promote their own agendas! Climate change, my foot!! Some of us up here in Northern Canada are still waiting for the “global warming” to begin, so we can stop having to shovel snow in the summer, after all…


How can they bear to look at themselves in the mirror after willfully devastating an entire community??

Israeli Apartheid Viciousness — Stephen Lendman

Israeli Apartheid Viciousness by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) Every day is Kristallnacht in Occupied Palestine, things worst of all in blockaded Gaza. It’s a virtual free-fire zone for Israeli soldiers, peaceful demonstrators gunned down in cold blood. Cross-border incursions, terror-bombing incidents, and wars of aggression are launched at Israel’s discretion. US…

via Israeli Apartheid Viciousness — Stephen Lendman

This article by Mr. Lendman speaks for itself. Of course, the west can boycott and sanction any Middle Eastern nation it wants to on far lesser grounds, but don’t even think of doing so to “israel”!! THAT would never do!!

G👀gle Hub and Faceb👀k Portal Make Orwell’s 1984 a Reality!!

Well, folks, 1984 is here in more ways than one; but if we remember correctly, Aldous Huxley was more accurate in that he proposed that future people would do just EXACTLY what they are now doing — eagerly welcoming these Orwellian devices.

Seriously?? Who in their right mind — wait a minute! How many ARE…??

From Dan Dicks at, we have another excellent video exposing these evil devices for what they are — spying devices disguised as ways to “stay connected” with family and loved ones.

Are YOU going to get Big Brother’s latest cool tool designed to fool you into giving them 24/7 access to your private life? NOT ME!! I already have my camera and mic taped over since a long time ago, and I don’t get apps. Even with these precautions, they can still send me ads for things I’ve talked about in the vicinity of my device!

Only naïve and simple people believe everything they are told…

A Pro-Life Woman Activist Gets Roundhouse Kicked by an Intolerant Man Who Cannot Bear to Have Someone Disagree With Him

From Dan Dicks at, we have another excellent exposure of what really goes on in your child’s school. While he suggests it “might be time to consider home schooling,” I say, “It’s long past high time to get your kids out of the public indoctrination centers euphemistically known as ‘schools’!!”

After watching this one, perhaps you may like to visit his website to view another one about Ontario’s decision to revert to an older version of the sex ed curriculum. While this may be commendable in its own right, my question is, “Why are we allowing some paid government employees with agendas to teach our kids what we ourselves should be teaching them??” Stop being so squeamish, and teach your own kids, if you have any desire to see them become responsible, rational adults!

Domestic Abuse: A Man’s Story

A Man’s Perspective on Being Abused

Since October is apparently “Domestic Abuse Awareness Month”, and since one of my readers suggested I write an article on men who get abused, I thought that was an excellent idea because, while it may not be as common an occurrence as it is for women, it does happen. And men need to be heard, too.

I interviewed a man in his senior years, who has had the misfortune to have been married to three abusive women. As all three were, apparently, very similar in their abusiveness, I have taken the sum of the interview as a whole, and have compiled a type of composite woman to refer to as “she”, for your easier understanding. Here is his courageous story.

“The rages were always sudden and unexpected. I never knew what had occurred to cause them. I can’t recall any arguments or fights happening prior to these sudden, evil rages.

We were happy much of the time. But every once in awhile, she would blow up and begin to call me evil names, saying how wicked I was, when even just a moment before, she might have been telling me how much she loved me! She would scream and rage uncontrollably, sometimes trying to hurt me, and threatening to leave me, or even kill me! Once she hit me in the face so hard, she broke open my cheek. And once, she lacerated my hands with a set of keys. And sometimes she would throw things at me. Her tongue lashings were brutal.

I made really good money at my trade, but it never seemed to be enough. It seemed I was always in debt, usually back taxes and unpaid bills. This was owing to the fact that she would either be gambling away the money, or out shopping and partying with her friends, while I was at work. Our house was overflowing with antiques and things we didn’t need, or have room for, but there was no way I could stop her from spending us out of house and home. There were a couple of occasions where I actually had to sell our house or the equipment to pay off the debts. She wouldn’t even make lunch for me, when I was working long hours to supply her wants!

Once the kids got older, things got worse. She would undermine my authority by teaching them to rebel against me, giving them whatever they wanted, to keep them on her side. If I tried to address the financial problems we were facing, they would all gang up on me. Usually, she would turn everything around on me whenever I tried to talk about any of our problems, until I couldn’t speak of them at all.

She didn’t care about anything I owned. She would let the kids and their boyfriends drive my cars while I was at work, not caring if they dinted them or broke off the door handles. This was very discouraging.

But the lying- wow! She lied about me to everybody behind my back, and I began to wonder why my friends wouldn’t come around to see me anymore. I would come home unexpectedly from work, and find her partying with other men. You couldn’t pin her down on anything!

But the good times we had kept me hoping things would be better this time. I would think, ‘Maybe this time she will tell me all the bills are paid.’ (One big problem I had, is that I was illiterate, so she took care of the bills, or was supposed to, but didn’t. If I could have been able to read, perhaps things might have been different, at least on the financial end.)”

When I asked him how all this made him feel, this is what he said:

“It was really confusing; and I was stunned. Stunned, because the rages would come so suddenly out of nowhere, and I was left standing there being cut to shreds with her words, not having a clue what I had done to cause this behaviour.

I was ashamed, too, because my own family didn’t like her, and would avoid us, even though they came to visit my brother on the same yard. I never thought about being angry, but it was very confusing.”

When asked if he felt afraid, he answered, “No, not afraid, because I knew I could handle her if she got violent.”

Did you ever think of leaving? “No, because we had children, and I believe in commitment. But there was one time in winter, just before I got converted, when I was determined to head north until I ran out of food and gas, and walk north until I starved to death. I was that tired of the whole mess. But the Lord had mercy on me.

Oh! I have to tell you that after I became a born again Christian — that was a miracle in itself — the abuse increased dramatically. She even tried to kill me with a butcher knife, and one night I heard her rattling the guns in the gun case. Still, I was not afraid. The Lord kept me in perfect peace.”

When I asked him if he had ever tried to get help, he replied, “No, I never thought of her behaviour as abuse because I didn’t understand it. But a man doesn’t talk about such things, anyways, usually, he just handles it the best way he knows how. I suppose if I could have talked with someone, I might have been able to get help. Besides, I never EVER would have thought of saying that she was abusing me. That was just the way things were.

She told me much later, when she divorced me on false grounds, that she was deliberately trying to ruin me financially. She sued me and had the courts take away my livelihood, my shop, and everything, right near retirement, when it was too late for me to begin again.”

So why didn’t you get help from the church, now that you were a Christian? Here is his sad answer.
“The church actually helped her in wrongdoing. [This was with the last two wives, who professed to be Christians.] She was able to falsely accuse me without anybody from the church coming to see me, and find out what was really going on. They encouraged her to divorce me, and even sue me, even though that is totally against the word of God!”

So what would you tell other men who may have similar experiences with their wives?

“When I had gone for counselling, they had insisted I read a book called “Walking on Eggshells”, which greatly helped me understand this behaviour. These women all suffered from what is called, “borderline personality disorder”, a term used to describe someone who has “emotional hemophilia”. It comes from having been abused as a child, and is their way of dealing with their inability to receive love. It is also sometimes called “crazy-making disease”, and that is completely accurate! Sometimes I felt like I was going crazy!”

Not very many men will be that forthright about their experiences, and I can understand why. A man wants to appear strong and in control, and admitting that he has been the victim of abuse by a woman is rather humbling, and can seem a bit weak. But I believe their stories need to be told, too, so I am encouraging my readers to tell me their stories.

Awareness of domestic abuse of all kinds is a necessary step to helping put an end to it.

Very Interesting…

Here is a very interesting piece by an author I have never heard of before, over at spew-tube. In this presentation, he gives some compelling evidence that the world economy might be about to reset — this year! Take a listen.

While I don’t encourage people to “prep” the way others do, I do remind folks that the Lord has promised a day of judgment. There is a spiritual “prepping” that must be done, if one desires to receive a favourable judgment on that day. This type of “prepping” means that one must repent of all sinning, and turn to the Lord with all their heart, be baptized for the remission of sins, receive the Holy Ghost, and henceforth walk in holiness before the Lord. We must be born again. There is no fooling around with God. We come to him by the way he made, through Jesus Christ, or we perish.

Time is running out, whether or not the RESET comes on these dates.