Persecution of Christians Increasing Again in China.

Christians, and other minority religious groups,  in China are once again facing persecution for their faith. From, we get this story.

Interesting that president Trump only agreed to make some protest against the persecution of the Uighur Muslims, NOT the Christians!

I share this story to warn lukewarm believers in the west to stop being so complacent about your own faith. We here will also have to suffer; are we ready? Don’t answer too quickly… It’s very easy to say you can suffer for Christ, but not so easy to do. Having suffered some vicious psychological persecution here in Canada, I know what I’m talking about. The pressure to recant and conform is relentless.

I learned something very valuable from an elderly man who suffered severe persecution in Soviet prisons, which I want to share with you now. “Christ will only stand with you in persecution IF your life is free from sin now, clean and holy before God. He cannot stand with those who sin.”

Please think about what he said.