Activist Mommy-What Fuels Fight Against Sexualization Of Kids

From, we have an interview with the Activist Mommy. I totally agree with her view that many Christians have been taught to be “nicer than Jesus”. I know I’ve been taught that, and it has been a difficult thing to unlearn, because most of it was done through intimidation.

And I had to laugh; she also calls this abomination of Sodom “gender insanity”!!! That’s exactly what I’ve been calling it myself.

We ALL, if we are true Christians, need to get into the fight against this evil in our culture. We need to be as bold as lions, but like she points out, we cannot if we’re not truly born again. Which means, if we have sin in our own lives, we cannot speak out against sin!

Persecution of Christians Increasing Again in China.

Christians, and other minority religious groups,  in China are once again facing persecution for their faith. From, we get this story.

Interesting that president Trump only agreed to make some protest against the persecution of the Uighur Muslims, NOT the Christians!

I share this story to warn lukewarm believers in the west to stop being so complacent about your own faith. We here will also have to suffer; are we ready? Don’t answer too quickly… It’s very easy to say you can suffer for Christ, but not so easy to do. Having suffered some vicious psychological persecution here in Canada, I know what I’m talking about. The pressure to recant and conform is relentless.

I learned something very valuable from an elderly man who suffered severe persecution in Soviet prisons, which I want to share with you now. “Christ will only stand with you in persecution IF your life is free from sin now, clean and holy before God. He cannot stand with those who sin.”

Please think about what he said.

Trauma as Mind Control (Think Hiroshima, JFK assassination, 9/11, ad nauseum…)

So they put the masses of media junkies into a state of fear and trauma so they can program them into thinking, doing and accepting exactly what they’re told. From we get this article (one of a series, apparently) which explains how this works.

Devious and devilish, isn’t it?

No wonder the Lord told his disciples over and over to “fear none of those things which shall come to pass”! “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee.”

The Evils Embraced by “Christian” Zionists in the name of Christ.

This video is being shared for one reason only; to show the so-called “Christian” Zionists the evils they support. One CANNOT be a Christian and embrace Zionism. One CANNOT legitimately claim to love Christ, while at the same time embracing the very ideals that crucified him.

I do NOT agree with everything this speaker says. For example, he gives credence to the holocaust, which we all (ought to) know is the biggest lie perpetrated on mankind since WW2. And he seems to think it possible to reason with “Jews” as you would with other peoples. But we all know that psychopaths cannot be reasoned with. The minor issues I disagree with will not be discussed.

That said, he does a good job of explaining  the suffering of the Palestinians, both Christian and Muslim, at the hands of these terrorists. And he does strongly rebuke so-called “Christians” for supporting the scourge of Zionism. Take a listen. It comes from

People claiming to be “Christians” who support this evil MUST REPENT in dust and ashes. By your worship of Israel, you have rejected and crucified the Lord again! And this worship of Israel is the major part of, if not THE, “falling away” spoken of in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 (KJV)
3 “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;”

And I can testify first-hand how vicious “Christian” Zionists are whenever their god is touched. If words and looks could kill… yikes!! This is NOT Christianity!! This notion of a modern state of Israel as “God’s chosen people” is NOT biblical, and  MUST be rejected by all true Christians.

Trump’s General Assembly Dissembling and Rage — Stephen Lendman

Trump’s General Assembly Dissembling and Rage by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) Virtually all politicians lie. The Clintons, Bush/Cheney, and Obama were serial liars. 1,343 more words

via Trump’s General Assembly Dissembling and Rage — Stephen Lendman

In a nutshell, we learn how Trump conducted himself at the UN General Assembly, and in my opinion, his behaviour greatly resembles that of a spoiled brat who has an over-inflated opinion of himself. What a disgrace to have to call onesself an American these days; glad I’m NOT one.

How The Deck is Stacked, What Will You Say When They Come For You? by John Kaminski

This article speaks for itself. It comes from

If you question any official narrative, they WILL come for you. It’s just a matter of time….

What WILL you say? We must speak the TRUTH.

With an Abuser, Nothing is Off Limits —

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October), I asked the ladies in our online group to share their stories and the challenges and difficulties they faced while in their abusive situations. Here’ the first in a series. Many thanks to this dear woman for taking the time to write this. Please pray for her […]

via With an Abuser, Nothing is Off Limits —

In sympathy with all the women who suffer in silence, not knowing where to get help.

In honour of all the women who have found the courage to break free from this pernicious cycle that destroys them from within.

In honour of all the men who reject abusiveness, and choose instead to love and respect their wives, cherishing them as they promised to do…

And mostly, I desire to honour and glorify the Lord, whose name is exalted above the heavens!!

Geoengineering Clouds and Suspicious Tornados. Canada being “Punished” for NAFTA stand? — Greencrow As The Crow Flies

Ottawa Gatineau Tornado AftermathYes, I am sick of it. Sick and disgusted. We read all the time about how man has gained domination over the weather. It’s a fait accompli. Read, for example, the article I found prior to my holidays about geoengineered clouds…that drop enormous amounts of water in “Flash Floods”. If this is…

via Geoengineering Clouds and Suspicious Tornados. Canada being “Punished” for NAFTA stand? — Greencrow As The Crow Flies

I’ll gladly share this, Greencrow! I also know about the manipulation of the weather, and that very strange and unusual weather keeps cropping up more and more often all over the world. Thanks, Greencrow, for posting this.

And your question is ligitimate: Are these freak tornados a “punishment” for Trudeau’s lack of cooperation in the NAFTA deal?

My question now is: Will we see Trudeau suddenly change his mind, and begin to comply…? Or will we get smacked with something worse?

Gardasil® HPV Vaccine NZ

Be VERY informed, and well aware of all risks before you ever decide to stick that needle – any needle – into your child. It is extremely difficult to go against the pervasive pressure to vaccinate your child, but in my opinion, it is by far the safest and most natural way to protect your child’s health.

The guilt and trauma of a permanently disabled child who was damaged by a vaccine is far greater than the false fear they put on you for not vaccinating.

So, it IS your choice, ultimately, but BE VERY INFORMED before making that decision.

Truth Report

Vaccination is your choice so let it be an informed one, these are mostly excerpts taken from researchers and organisation directly involved with monitoring vaccinations. Decide for yourself. But be informed.

Let’s start with an excerpt from the Ministry of Health NZ – (The horse’s mouth):

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Trump Regime/Israeli-Sponsored Terrorist Attack in Iran? — Stephen Lendman

Trump Regime/Israeli-Sponsored Terrorist Attack in Iran? by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) On Saturday, a terrorist attack at a military parade in Ahvaz, Iran killed at least 29 individuals, around five dozen others injured, many seriously, military personnel and innocent civilians targeted. Mostly civilians were harmed, including women and children, the death…

via Trump Regime/Israeli-Sponsored Terrorist Attack in Iran? — Stephen Lendman

Has it begun already? They aren’t wasting any time, then…