Ugly Truth — Not So Random Words

This post is not going to be pretty. It will ruffle feathers. It will also be terribly long. Some will say I’m wrong for airing our laundry out in the streets. If you follow this blog in any capacity, you will know transparency is what I’m all about. Quite frankly, I don’t like secrets. They […]

via Ugly Truth — Not So Random Words

Parents, be warned. Don’t be so naive. Know that these things can and do happen. Even by their own family members, as happened to my own sons. Don’t be so cowardly or selfish that you won’t get help if you know what is happening.

I grieve at this mother’s story. It happened much worse to my own chihldren, but I didn’t find out until it was too late. We all pray it won’t happen to our own children, but it can, and sometimes does. So quit hiding your heads, and stop thinking your children are better than others. I found out truth the hard way.