Do YOU Agree With Child Sexual Exploitation? Be Honest…

Do you agree that so-called “transgendered” people have a right to teach in your child’s school? Yes or No?

Do you agree that these same “people” have a right to use any bathroom they like, simply because they “identify” as the opposite sex? Yes or No?

Do you agree that these gender INSANE people have a right to pastor your church? Yes or No?

If you answered “Yes” to any one of these questions, you also agree with child sexual exploitation. Be honest! These gender INSANE people are exploiting your children in school, the “all gender bathrooms”, and your churches.

God calls it an ABOMINATION, and it IS!

Again, this stuff made me feel literally sick to watch, but the truth MUST be told, however sickening it is. 😝 It angers me that parents are willingly (and proudly!) allowing their children to be a part of this UTTER DEPRAVITY! 😡

It angers me that a moral family who home educates can be investigated for child abuse simply for letting their little girl walk the dog, but these parents are lauded as “good” parents!! 😡😡

These parents are SICK CHILD ABUSERS! And if you agree with so-called “gay rights”, you agree with child sexual exploitation. Period.

Be prepared to be not only disgusted, but enraged at what our governments are shoving down our gagging throats. Courtesy of HighImpactVlogs on Youtube.

Update On Situation In Syria: Breaking News Report- According To Syrian Sources, Criminal White Helmets Group Has Kidnapped 44 Children To Stage A False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack! — Northerntruthseeker

I knew this was coming… For the last couple of weeks the real truth movement and the alternative media found strong evidence that the US/Israel/NATO scourge was going to once again stage another of their patented false flag “chemical weapons” attacks in Syria (almost guaranteed in the US backed “rebel” held Idlib pocket) to get…

via Update On Situation In Syria: Breaking News Report- According To Syrian Sources, Criminal White Helmets Group Has Kidnapped 44 Children To Stage A False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack! — Northerntruthseeker

Yes, folks, do turn OFF your idiot boxes (TVs) and begin to see what’s REALLY happening in the world, will you?

And do me the favour to stop talking about the so-called “deep state” that controls your beloved Trump, “who simply, even as president of the USA, has no power to resist their over-riding pressure, and absolutely MUST bow to their will, even though he has everyone’s best interests at heart”!! It sickens me! We all should know by now who has control of the USA (among other nations), so, like Good Squad over at, I’ll make it real clear to you who it is:

Trump is in full cooperation with these murderers, not some poor, helpless innocent who just “happened” to get elected by popular vote in a rigged system, in some amazing turnabout in the last election. No. “They” are masters at deception, and can make something look like the complete opposite, to lure unsuspecting people into thinking exactly how “they” want those people to think!

OK, my rant is over.


Cannabis Legalization and BIG BROTHER

Whether or not you use cannabis is not the issue, but whether or not you are willing to sacrifice yet ANOTHER freedom in the steadily encroaching police state we call Canada.

Please listen as Dan Dicks of Press for Truth interviews Chad Jackett of Liberty Farms. I personally don’t think we can topple their pyramid of control, but we CAN resist unto bloodshed, striving against sin!!

[Brendon O’Connell] Russian Communists Have Taken Over Israel | US High Tech Straight To Russia & China — Talpiot Talk

via Brendon O’Connell Israel has officially stated Russia is now it’s “special friend”. OK, someone please tell the US tax payers – they will be relieved. Someone tell Intel to remove the high tech Intel plant. Someone tell Lockheed and ALL US military high technology contractors to cease ALL cooperation with Israel. Someone tell Alex Jones he will be labelled a “traitor” with all that it entails to the GENUINE US patriots if he refuses to name Israel as the number one enemy of the United States. This infiltration and subversion has been going on for a long time.

via [Brendon O’Connell] Russian Communists Have Taken Over Israel | US High Tech Straight To Russia & China — Talpiot Talk

Well, this is interesting indeed! Putin has been a real conundrum for me, but this makes things a bit clearer. So my hypothesis about Putin playing the “global good guy role” for the same puppet masters in Israel was at least partly correct.

Now it looks like he and Trump are playing two games: one for the braindead masses, and the other for the “masters”… This might help explain the “Trump dichotomy” in many minds…

I like Mr. OConnell’s perspective; and he’s no coward! He has done time for exposing this type of stuff.

Syrian Documents Reveal CW False Flag Coming — Stephen Lendman

Syrian Documents Reveal CW False Flag Coming by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) During a Tuesday special Security Council session on Syria, its UN envoy Bashar al-Jaafari minced no words saying: “I put in your hands documented information on the preparations taken by Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization and the affiliated groups to…

via Syrian Documents Reveal CW False Flag Coming — Stephen Lendman

Another excellent analysis by Mr. Lendman on the situation in Syria. Though he mentions US led aggression, we can almost know for a certainty that the puppet masters in Israel are behind it all.

What I simply CANNOT understand is the “Trump dichotomy”. Why do so many otherwise well-adjusted people still laud him as some type of “good guy” when they are seeing at the same time his willingness to be an international bully for the same puppet masters that control most other world leaders? While he continues to fly in the face of common HUMANITARIAN considerations, nevermind international law!!?


This must be heard by all parents everywhere, who claim to love their children. All I could think during the entire video is: Where is my barf bucket? 😝  To think that parents actually willingly help their children participate in these abominable practices says too much about how far our society had fallen.

This video is shared from HighImpactVlogs, and a man who is not afraid to speak the truth. But it is not for those who are queasy about reality, or those who support the gender INSANITY being shoved down our gagging throats!! 😝😝

More Intrusion & Encroachment of Parental Rights by the Police State.

This story comes from  It happened in the USA. It happens where-ever there are free thinking parents who go against the political grain…

Home schooling mom gets investigated for letting her daughter walk the dog – alone.

Too bad the snitches don’t have to give their names!! Anonymous snitching is such a cowardly act…

H.A.A.R.P and the Book of Revelations — chemtrailssuck

New Testament Revelations and possible connection with HAARP?

via H.A.A.R.P and the Book of Revelations — chemtrailssuck

The Bible has foretold us what will be in the end of days… and folks really should start taking it seriously. Turn off your idiot boxes (aka TVs) and study the word of God.

There are two groups of people: those who are written in heaven and those who are written “in the earth”. The latter group is NOT the one you want to be in. It’s high time to awake out of sleep, and ponder the condition of your soul!!

Fertility-Regulating Vaccines Being Tested in India — The GOLDEN RULE

A post by Christina England, BA Hons / May 30, Published by ‘’ Offering serious considerations that the public may benefit from understanding. In 2015, after his country was targeted with the fertility-regulating tetanus vaccination containing the hCG hormone, Dr. Wahome Ngare from the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association drew our attention to a document titled […]

via Fertility-Regulating Vaccines Being Tested in India — The GOLDEN RULE

And yet ANOTHER excellent reason in a long, growing list of good reasons NOT to vaccinate! Honestly, the more I learn, the more evil this “vaccination” stuff becomes! No wonder they are so militant about mandatory vaccinations; they are using this witchcraft to bring everybody into a neutered state of compliance!