One Card to Rule Them ALL… Revelation 13 ALERT!!

This is a satire by Aaron and Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media. They do an amazing job of “advertising” the latest card – one size fits all.

But it’s also a dire warning. The bible warns of a mark coming for “all who dwell on the earth” (that in itself is an eye-opening study), called “the mark of the beast”.

BEWARE the pressure to comply…!!!

Will Abuse in the Church Overshadow Greear’s “Gospel Above All” Agenda? —

“Many Christian wives were told to submit to abusive husbands as long as they weren’t asking them to sin,”

Submitting to abuse is itself a sin because it enables the abuser to continue sinning against you. Contact me through this page if you are in this kind of sticky situation, and want to understand what the bible has to say about submission. My husband and I have authored a book on the topic; and we think women will find it greatly enlightening and freeing, while men will see where they have been deceived by false teaching, too. We will send you a book free of charge; we don’t want to burden anyone who needs help.

I couldn’t help but think how often the gospel has been tarnished by evangelical churches in their handling of domestic violence and sexual abuse, and couldn’t help but think that if nothing changes, the gospel will continued to be maligned by the very people who claim its power.

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What Adult Bullying Does to You, and How to Overcome it.

While I don’t agree with everything this writer says, I do heartily agree with most of it. Being the recipient of adult bullying myself, I know first hand how deeply hurtful it can be — especially when it comes from FAMILY. The wounds can go very deep, and may take a long time to heal, but they can be overcome.


Scapegoating Iran — Northerntruthseeker

I stated in my MONDAY rant that the psychotic state if Israel was now working hard in getting their nice little war off and running against the innocent nation of Iran by recently claiming the absurdity that Iran was about to attack Israel from “bases in Syria”….I did not know whether to laugh or to…

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Why Do People Often Take the Side of the Abuser? — Dating Poison

I can’t tell you how many abuse victims I’ve spoken to where this happens. The victim’s family, friends or church take the side of the abuser in a separation, rather than standing by the victim. This doesn’t make logical sense. Why would a person’s own family turn their back on a domestic violence victim, and […]

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Five (5) Books to ADD to Your Summer Reading List (After the KJV Bible)


Here is my current selection of books to recommend for summer reading. #’s 1 and 4 might be hard to find, as they have been out of print for a while. But you may be able to find them online somewhere.

1. That Printer of Udell’s, by Harold Bell Wright. Dick Falkner finds himself a homeless wanderer through no fault of his own, looking for work. What he discovers about Christianity will open your eyes. Bring the tissue.

2. Pilgrim’s Progress, by John Bunyan. Christian, who departs on pilgrimage after learning his city and all its inhabitants will be destroyed, learns many lessons (for our benefit) along his journey to the Celestial City.

3. A Greater Call, by Harvey Yoder. The true story of the life of a Chinese believer under Mao Zedong’s rule. When God’s calling is upon a person, God is always in control of the situation.

4. Tom O’Jack’s Lad, by an unnamed author. A story which takes place in the time of John Wesley. Deep in the coal pits of England, life was rough and rude. Along comes John Wesley, whose offer of friendship after being attacked has a profound and lasting effect… Bring the tissue!!

5. By My Spirit, by Jonathan Goforth. Revival in early 1900’s China will make your heart long for the same to happen here in North America. (And it could, if people were willing to confess and repent of their sinning!)

If You Use a Smartphone, Watch This!!

Pretty scary when you think about it. I never was AT ALL good at math, but having that handy calculator on my phone has definitely caused a ridiculous lapse! Hmm.

At least if you come to visit me, you won’t see my phone, or even hear it. It’ll be turned off and hiding in another room. The rudeness of people who can’t even have a cup of tea with you without checking/responding to their texts and calls is INSUFFERABLE! And yet, we have all learned to accept it as “normal”.

And by the way, the guy is RIGHT! Better have a listen before you destroy a relationship you value…

Happy Father’s Day!

Apparently, today is Father’s Day, so I would like to say a big Happy Father’s Day to all the REAL fathers out there who actually take the time to “father” their children.

You know what I mean. It only takes a couple minutes to “sire” them, but it takes a lifetime of real commitment to “father” them. And that starts by loving and nurturing your wives.

The way you treat your wives does FAR MORE in the development of healthy, well-adjusted children than anything else you can do.

Let THAT sink in…

So to those whose wives are treasured and valued for who they are, and whose children reflect that love and nurture their mothers receive…

Happy Father’s Day!!

I’m HATIN’ It! A closer look at McDonald’s (from HighImpactVlogs on youtube).

And another thing… McD’s is one of the biggest supporters of aparthied Israel, and for that reason alone (nevermind the sickening food), it should be boycotted by everyone on the side of justice. (I got that particular tidbit from, a London, Eng.-based Palestinian site. They are very informative.)

War Criminal Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize — Stephen Lendman

War Criminal Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) War criminals time and again become Nobel Peace Prize honorees. Peace champions most often are scorned. Nobel Committee members usually honor societies’ worst, ignoring the best. Rare exceptions prove how they’ve operated since 1901. Alfred Nobel was a…

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