Get Rid of Your Amazon Alexa & Similar Devices!

Here is an interesting article from Northern Truthseeker which should alert all users of “smart” listening devices to the diabolical agenda behind them.

Who in their right mind would even want something like this?? But unfortunately, MANY people are addicted to the latest gadgets, and just have to buy what they’re being deliberately PROGRAMMED by TV to buy…


Aspartame is Killing You!

Artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame, is poisonous, and is actually killing people. Here is a link to Jeff Rense’s website that should scare the aspartame habit right outta people.

But who am I kidding? People won’t even quit smoking…

Typical Israeli Hypocrisy

This is getting ridiculous, and the pattern happens again and again almost like clockwork…. The sickos in Israel have come under fire from the international community for their incessant and brutal murder of so many Palestinian protesters over these last few weeks, and the world is now waking up to the evils of that criminal…

via What Perfect Timing! Israeli Mossad Agents Lob Bottle Rockets From Gaza Into Israel, And Israel Responds By Blasting Gaza! — Northerntruthseeker