Temporary or Eternal Freedom: For Which Will YOU Die?

Temporary or Eternal Freedom: For Which Will YOU Die?

When the Lord once begins to work in a willing person’s heart, that soul, if it remains open to the Spirit’s workings will be made fit for the kingdom of God and of Christ. To this end, I began rereading the ponderously heavy volume of the Martyr’s Mirror; and in looking again into this very revealing mirror, have seen my own need to seek God more fervently, more earnestly, than hitherto I have done. In so saying, I will be leaving off blogging — for the most part — to accomplish this end; but I will leave you with just one thought to ponder for yourselves. It is of utmost importance; and if it was the only post ever made on my humble blog, it would be enough.

To give you reference for the quote, it must be noted that previously to the selected quote, mention was made of some of the world’s heroes and martyrs, who suffered much, even death, to accomplish great things upon earth. Original footnotes will be included in parentheses, marked with an asterisk.

From the Author’s Preface, Martyr’s Mirror, Second English Edition, thirtieth printing, 2009: excerpts from pages 13-15; here is the noteworthy portion:

“We have already spoken of the great honor which custom conferred upon the brave and triumphant warriors; yet not one of all these, however great, mighty, valiant and victorious he may have been, or how great the honor and glory with which he may have been hailed, could in any wise be compared with the least martyr who suffered for the testimony of Jesus Christ.

“Even aged and feeble persons, youths and maidens, and such as were not noticed, yea whom the world did not esteem at all, did infinitely more through the power of their faith, their ardent love to God, and, especially, their steadfastness unto death, whereby they were enabled to forsake, yea, despise, all visible things, and to put entirely out of their thoughts, forget, and bid, as it were, eternal adieu to, until the consummation of all things, money, property, houses, farms, brothers, sisters, parents, children, dear friends and relatives, yea their own bodies and lives, and everything pleasing and delightful according to the flesh; whereas others, if possible, gladly enjoyed and retained all this, and would fain have retained it always, or still retain it.

“The honor, therefore, which is due to the holy martyrs, is infinitely greater and better than that of earthly heroes; just as the fight they fought, was infinitely more profitable, and their victory, as coming from the hand of God, infinitely more praiseworthy and glorious. *
(* God is worthier than the creatures; heaven is worthier than the earth; and the soul is more excellent than the body; in the same manner the divine, heavenly and spiritual warfare is worthier and more excellent than the creatural, earthly and corporeal warfare; that is beyond contradiction.)

“Through earthly wars countries and their inhabitants are destroyed, the innocent killed, the fugitive robbed of their property, and much weeping and mourning caused among those who remain. But through the warfare of the martyrs, at least through the martyrs themselves, the prosperity of countries and their inhabitants was promoted because of the fervent prayers offered up by the martyrs to God for those who did them harm and for the common welfare of all the inhabitants.

… …

“They caused no one to lament or weep, by doing him the least damage or injury, but they greeted everybody, even their enemies, with kindness, embraced them with the arms of love, and gave them cause to rejoice and be glad, outwardly as well as inwardly, bodily and spiritually, here and (God granting them mercy) also hereafter.

“O most delightful warfare, which did injury to none, but good to all. O ye blessed heroes, who fought this fight! No princes or kings can be compared to you; for all the honors won by earthly heroes on earth shall vanish with the earth; but your honor is an everlasting honor; your glory shall never cease, yea, shall endure, as long as God endures, whom you served.”

{This little snippet from the Martyr’s Mirror gives the perfect view of the only true warfare and true martyrdom. It shows us the inestimable value of giving up (completely dying to) the world of temporal things in order to gain that eternal kingdom, honor, glory and LIFE. To this I sincerely aspire, and in light of this…}

“…all have need to be taught in the way of salvation; no one would choose to be unsaved. … … Have compassion upon your own souls, whom the Lord loves so dearly, seeking to lead them to heaven; yea for whom the Son of God has shed his precious blood, thus purchasing them with so great a price. We would commend this matter most urgently to you as well as to ourselves. O Lord, help! O Lord, let it prosper!”

Dear readers, consider this deeply, as a matter of life and death! Jesus said, in Mark 8:36, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

Until next time…

Canadian Wildflower.

The Plot Thickens…

It seems the so-called “authorities” have been ramping up the vaccine campaign this past year, as evidenced by the following three articles which appeared in our local paper at strategic times.

This first one makes an effort to convince adults that vaccines are not just for children, and claims to debunk some so-called “myths” about vaccines by very authoritatively asserting some so-called “facts”. How many of my readers can personally verify that “Myth” #1 is, in fact, very true?


The second article is in the form of a survey, which claims to show that almost half of adults will not get a flu shot this year! Such a terrible thing, isn’t it? So many errant adults out here in Alberta!! Perhaps it’s because so many have had or know someone who has had nasty reactions to it, and don’t want a repeat!


And the third one is a political cartoon that makes a direct hit at the so-called “anti-vaxxers” who only desire to be allowed to make their own choices concerning vaccination. The vaccine pushers make it appear as if those who don’t vaccinate are responsible for all the pestilence that appears upon the earth! As if!!


Well, I have news for these deceivers, who are pushing this evil “mandatory vaccination” job: God himself said he would send pestilence (among other things) in judgment upon wicked men and evil-doers who won’t repent of their evil deeds! And here’s more news for them: the folks who are safely “hid with Christ in God” won’t be affected by these nasty plagues. (Please read Revelation in an authorized King James bible, ask God for wisdom, and seek him with all your heart to be saved from this wicked and adulterous generation.)

Then stand fast in the Lord, and stand up for your RIGHT to refuse any procedure, including vaccination, that you don’t want from “el medical mafia”!!

Scapegoats Aplenty, by the Looks of Things.

What do you do when someone you’re trying to educate about the covID hoax claims that a loved one has died from covid? They have obviously lost a loved one, and — especially last year — were told it was “from covid”, and nobody was allowed to have a funeral. These people are now firm believers in covID… We have run into this lately, more than once…

Something even more sinister is happening, and I warned about it earlier. Alberta is “Open for Summer”. That in itself is very significant, and it means that we only have the summer to get done whatever needs doing before they clamp down on us again.

Even worse, there are already plans afoot to blame the un-“vaccinated” for the coming fall lockdown. Please listen to Dan Dicks at PressforTruth.ca and to the Irish Dave Cullen at Computing Forever for more information.

What did I tell you? That the unvaccinated were going to be blamed as the cause of the next (more severe) lockdown. And still I say: DON’T GET THE JAB!! The temporary “freedom” you are being offered is a false hope! Jesus Christ, and the freedom he only can give, is the one true hope. Folks absolutely must begin to trust the Lord, or they will be driven into compliance to these evil agendas.

2 Thessalonians 2:10 (KJV)
10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

LOVE THE TRUTH, hate all unrighteousness, and repent and be born again!! There is no hope outside of this.

Lytton , B.C. is the New Paradise, CA

Following is a link sent to me by another truth seeker, from Jeff Snyder at Easton Spectator. Remarkable similarities between the Paradise “wildfire” in California a while back, and the recent one in Lytton, BC. Another “coincidence”? I think NOT!

Makes you wonder if “they” resented that brave doctor’s questionings about the kill shot…? Makes you wonder further if “they’re” using this as a type of revenge to make others question whether or not it would be advisable to open their own mouths about the kill shot? Hmmm…?

Coincidence? I Think Not!

The following from thetruthseeker.co.uk is a very interesting look at the “coincidental” qualities of the covID PLANdemic with the so-called “Spanish Flu PLANdemic… I knew the “Spanish Flu” had been started by injecting US guinea pigs — I mean, soldiers — who then spread it around the world, but I didn’t know who was the main instiGATEr!


Coming for the Children — alicespringstomind

Anyone ignoring the exposé on Dr Anthony Fauci of NIAID in the USA is ignoring a humanitarian crime of a scale that surpasses anything ever experienced. Judy Mikovits talks about her experiences working with the cartel Fauci has installed under the guise of providing a public health service on taxpayer funds at The Highwire, here. […]

Coming for the Children — alicespringstomind

I discovered this article written by Helen Tindall just randomly while perusing my newsfeed, and found it to be worthy of sharing with my own readers. The sad thing is that most folks think this train can be stopped by regular means. There is nothing that can stop it short of a wholesale global repentance along the lines of Jonah 3, but somehow I think that’s too much to ask for. Bible prophecy must be fulfilled…

However, individuals can repent and turn to God with a whole heart, and save themselves and hopefully their families from this wicked and evil generation.

What will YOU do?

Leaked Airline Documents Reveal HORRIFIC Details about “Vaccinated” Pilots.

What in the world’s going on here, when four (yes, 4) British Airways pilots die in one (yes, 1) week after they get the jab!?? (Among others!)

A very eye-opening interview with Dr. Jane Ruby on the Stew Peters show that reveals the insanity of forcing all your pilots to get the jab, whether directly or indirectly.

And the mainstream media isn’t saying a word. As if this isn’t stupendous and far-reaching news!!

Wrongfully Adding to the War on Christianity…

Right now Canada is in the midst of a dangerous propaganda campaign concerning the “mass grave” found near the site of an Indian Residential School near Kamloops, BC. And just like all “political correctness”, it is mostly being fueled by those who were not even involved. Dan Dicks of Pressfortruth.ca has this excellent video that gives a very balanced perspective on this touchy topic, which needs to be viewed with an open mind. There are references to a so-called “holocaust” which became the false basis for the interminable “victim status” of a certain group of people in the Middle East whose illegitimate state begins with an “I”… And the current situation in Canada seems very likely to create just such another group of permanent “victims” and perpetual “survivors” without ever giving us the real story.

The type of sensationalism that fuels hatred against certain groups is being used right now in Canada by the mainstream media over the finding at the Residential School to create animosity and violence against Christianity in general. Only with unbiased truth can water be poured on the fire to (hopefully) extinguish this conflagration before it gains any harmful momentum.

Please have a listen to this unbiased report shared by Dan Dicks, and decide for yourself without the mind-numbing emotionalism that causes knee-jerk reactions. Only then can we ever get to a reasonable conclusion to something that has been a sore spot in Canadian lore for decades.

Thank you.

Update on Pastor Artur Pawlowski and Family.

Following from RebelNews.com is the latest on the persecution of the Pawlowski family. Near the end of the interview with Mrs. Pawlowski, she says something very significant. “This is open hatred of Christianity.” And that she feels she’s in the “Canadian Republic of China”.

Yes, open hostility against Christianity is here, folks. While you were sleeping, or entertaining yourselves with the devil’s garbage, these communists have taken over this country. And while you were playing church, the devil has been laughing. And this is the result. This is exactly what the bible has been warning about, but you were too busy, or too blind, or too cocky in your churchianity, to see it.

I do not agree with everything the Pawlowski’s say or do, but we need to be aware of what’s happening to Christianity in general. And all believers need to take a good hard look at themselves in light of the word of God, to determine if their lives line up with what is written there. Considering how wicked the world is so quickly getting, it can’t be very long before the time of grace is over. And when that happens, all hell breaks loose.

Repent while there’s time.

And now, the link to the Pawlowski saga: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Uu49TiIy-Sg/

BOYCOTT Kellogg’s !! (Updated)

I am calling on any and all who have any sense of common decency to BOYCOTT Kelloggs! When you see how they have gotten on the gender insanity bandwagon and are aiming that abominable sewage at our children right in our own homes, I hope you will be as mad as a wet hen and refuse to support them any more! Though I have some of their cereals, I will not be buying any more. I am supplying their contact information so we can all send them mail, email, and phone calls to complain about this treachery. There is absolutely no excuse for this family company to bow to this gender insanity abomination!!

Look what filth they’re promoting on our children’s cereal!!
Please contact Kelloggs any way you can, and let them know you what you think of this filth. I plan to email and mail them. There’s no way this is acceptable!!

UPDATE: First, my apologies for not remembering to mention who this information came from originally. 😕 Usually I do that. This was first posted on VigilantCitizen.com; thanks to that good website for exposing evil.
Second: We received a reply to our comment from Kellogg’s, and found it to be sickeningly typical. Here is our comment, and following, their reply.

”I have seen that your company has climbed on the gender insane “pride” agenda, and have begun shamelessly promoting this abomination on children’s cereal. This is completely UNACCEPTABLE, and I will be boycotting all your products, and will be telling everyone I know to do the same. I hope you will stop and think about the evil your company is doing, and change your direction. God will not be mocked. He created 2 sexes: male and female. To promote anything beyond that is to promote lies and what God calls an abomination. For shame!!”

Kellogg’s reply: “While the cereal is not available in Canada at this time, we appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts with us and we respect everyone’s right to their personal views. Your input is important and we will pass along your feedback to our management team.”

Sigh! The day of judgment cannot be far away… Will ANYONE repent??

And don’t forget ~~ BOYCOTT KELLOGG’s!!

It’s Definitely a War on Christianity…

From rebelnews.com we have yet another story on the persecution of Christian pastors in Alberta. Pastor Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist church in Calgary, Alberta, has been arrested unlawfully yet again, for what? For refusing to bow the knee to AHS, and continuing to hold worship services. This is certainly being used to “make examples” to scare others into compliance, like communist Russia and China, etc.

This will have the needful effect of separating the sheep from the goats; it will divide the true from the false believers, and purify the church. Any who are unwilling to suffer for Christ will be weeded out, and the faithful will remain, stronger than before.


This is actually happening all over Canada, not just in Alberta. The following article is from Druthers.net.

NEVER deny Christ, come what may!!