Count Me OUT!! Sense-less Canada.

OK, this may be of interest to other Canadians besides me. I discovered this site a few years ago, before the 2011 “sense-less”. I don’t pay attention to how often they do these things, but it seems to come around much too often for me! But there’s no need to get your hair in a knot over it anymore — go ahead and learn some fun ways to fill out your sense-less forms, for next time! 😊

The following site will entertain you while helping you remain sane during the next “sense-less Canada” information-gleaning.





Will YOU Worship the AI “god”?

Are you ALREADY worshipping it? Revelation 13:8 says, (KJV)
8 “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.”

Is YOUR name written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world?

Revelation 13:16-17 (KJV)
16 “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

Most will just fall right into it, being already addicted to their techno-lives.

People must repent of their rebellion against the Creator, and turn from their idols to the living God, and live in righteousness and true holiness by the grace of God, in order to have their names written in the book of life of the Lamb…

Then it won’t matter if we’re “not friendly” to this beast system or its false “gods”!!


An Interesting Look at Globalism…

Here is as interesting article on globalism, and who is behind it, that is worth reading, if you want to (try to) understand how it works. Of course, it comes from

The only thing they don’t tell you is that most of the players are “jews”… or directly controlled by “jews”.

What’s With All The Planes Full Of Sick People?

Here follows an interesting article from, written on September 11, 2018. In it he documents numbers of planes which were held up by the CDC because people on board were sick with strange and/or suspect illnesses.

This gives me the fearful thought that whenever “they” decide to eradicate most of us, it would be so easy for them to simply include their “eradicated” (ya, right!) LIVE smallpox virus into the vaccines people take before travelling, then, like the CDC did on these flights, hold up a few who show symptoms, and allow everybody else to “go on their merry way”.

Diabolical! But that’s what “they” are — devilish!!

“Vaccines For Depopulation” — The GOLDEN RULE

The Blue State “Vaccines For Depopulation” Study Is The Key… The CDC Calls It Something Else – But, we’ll go with the Truth… Opinion by Deplorable Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen Reference the complete article . Some will say “deplorable” indeed, for one reason or another. Best read it all before either accepting, or rejecting, […]

via “Vaccines For Depopulation” — The GOLDEN RULE

Just ANOTHER excellent reason in an ever-growing list of reasons to say “ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!” to vaccines!

Richard Dolan: 9/11, MK-ULTRA, Joe Biden, End of the Constitution — Public Intelligence Blog

MongooseAlert Reader flags the video below and provides the summary that is below the fold. New information: Joe Biden, Zionist agent of influence? Key author of the Patriot Act going back to 1985 when Zionists started planning 9/11 in earnest. If Cheney-Biden are a team, then treason really is non-partisan as we have stated in…

via Richard Dolan: 9/11, MK-ULTRA, Joe Biden, End of the Constitution — Public Intelligence Blog

Very informative, even for those already in the know…

My own questions… If there was NO aircraft debris found at ANY 9/11 site, why do people still talk as if there were real airplanes? Even this fellow, though he agrees it couldn’t have been a commercial airliner, still speculates that it might have been a different type of aircraft. I have heard some other researchers suggest that what “hit” the twin towers were actually holographic images, and if you go back and watch the event with that in mind, you can see for yourself that the “aircraft” simply MELT into the buildings, leaving NO DEBRIS — something NO aircraft could physically do! By the way, at that time, the military already had holographic technology in place.

At about 1:12-ish, they mention something VERY INTERESTING about the date September 11 through history in relation to the city of NY.

I was beginning to think he was not going to mention anything about Israel, but he does, finally, at about 1:18:26-ish, though he doesn’t say they were the mostly responsible party.

Interesting to note: social media did not exist before 9/11. It was introduced later AS A SURVEILLANCE TOOL!! NorthernTruthseeker, you are absolutely right!

It’s a dreadfully long listen, but well worth the time it takes. Too much info to summarize here.

One last thought: In all my own study of this event, things I have watched, etc., I have never once heard another person mention the fact that all newsbroadcasters were declaring repeatedly, “It’s just like Pearl Harbour!” That’s the one thing that went like a barb right into my consciousness that day…

Israel Did 9-11: Reflections On That Attack On America 17 Years Later — Northerntruthseeker

Israel absolutely did the attacks of September 11th, 2001…. That is FACT and has been backed up with an enormous amount of material put up by those who are not fooled by the lies and false rhetoric pushed by the liars in the Jew spew media and our compliant crooked governments… 1,009 more words

via Israel Did 9-11: Reflections On That Attack On America 17 Years Later — Northerntruthseeker

Thank you, NTS! As you did, I will tell what I was doing that morning, and what alerted me to something being “not quite right”.

On that dreadful morning of Sept. 11, 2001, I was getting started on the day’s home schooling projects for my kids, and their father was watching the “news”. He called me over in a panic, saying, “You GOTTA see THIS!” So I went over, and was just as shocked and flabberflustered as everybody was who “saw it happen”. That ended the day, as far as getting anything done was concerned…

But what got my attention was the fact that everybody “reporting” this event, no matter what station it was, is that they kept repeating over and over, “It’s just like Pearl Harbour!” Now, I already knew that Pearl Harbour was a set-up, having grown up in a “conspiracy theorist’s” home, and that oft-repeated phrase got into my head and made me ask, “Why Pearl Harbour? What are they saying??”

It has taken me years of listening to “alternative” newspeople and truth tellers to learn more of the truth of 9/11, and am still learning things, but quite soon after the event, we came across two free videos, one called “Loose Change”, and the other called “In Plane Sight”, which exposed it as an inside job. They really got me studying what goes on, 9/11 in particular, and has made me much more sceptical about what we are told.


WARNING to Complacent Christians in North America — AMERICAN HOLOCAUST and The Coming NEW WORLD ORDER

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective- THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXCERPT from a letter I sent to the director of a Christian institute I attended. 4,391 more words

via WARNING to Complacent Christians in North America — AMERICAN HOLOCAUST and The Coming NEW WORLD ORDER

I don’t normally accept as prophecy what people call “prophecy”. I DO totally accept and believe BIBLE prophecy, however; and what this woman says — whether she’s real or not — lines up with what the bible says in many points, like the beheadings; albeit she uses a CORRUPT per-version.

Having been warned about the author, I did some of my own research, and discovered that there are — like for everyone — haters and lovers. I am neither. This is the first I’ve read by her. I did see an article through a search, written by her, in which she actually did name the jews as being the evil behind what’s going on in the world today. In her preface, she does mention that the article was written by a jew about the jews, and the info was correct:

So, take it or leave it, as you wish. My own warning to the lukewarm remains as is. There will be MANY professing “Christians” who WILL deny Christ at the coming tribulation, guillotines or no, simply because they have been deceived into believing in the false doctrine of a pre-trib “rapture”.

Consider yourselves warned! (addition made one day after original post)

Canada, take warning too. Your professing Christians are not “holy and without blemish”, “living godly in Christ Jesus”, either! I do differ with this author on one point: she quotes Romans 8 (near the end) where it says “nothing” can separate us from the love of God. What you must realize is that IN CONTEXT, this “nothing” means, “nothing the enemy can do”; there IS ONE THING that CAN AND WILL separate us from the love of God, which is spoken of throughout the bible, and that thing is SIN.

Professing Christians, REPENT, and start walking in holiness, in the fear of God, who holds the final judgment on your soul! Study what the fear of God really is, and stop being so high and mighty sure about your eternal location. Jesus warned there will be MANY who hear those dreadful words, “Depart from me, I never knew you, all ye that WORK INIQUITY!”

How much iniquity??? If you commit even one “tiny” sin that you KNOW is sin, then you will hear these fearful words.

Think about THAT…

Deadly Counseling

Again, thank you, and I’m sharing this with my own readers. It’s time people started recognizing these facts. I could have answered your question with more than half the answers you posted, and some you didn’t mention. And believe me when I say that the non-violent abuse makes for a seriously confusing situation for women. And when you have grown up in it, you can’t even see it. It has become “normal”.

Domestic violence IS an epidemic, if not a pandemic, and must be brought out into the light!

A few weeks ago I posted a simple question to survivors of domestic violence in a few online forums. The question was, ” Could you share examples of bad counsel you’ve received from churches and counselors?” In less than an hour I had over 50 responses. Below are just some the answers I received.

  • Pray more, have more sex, ask God to show you what you’re doing to make him so angry.
  • “Read this book on how to be a better wife.” “Just stop pushing his buttons; you know what they are.”
  • You need to treat your husband like he has special needs. Step back from things so you can give him your full attention.
  • “He never meant you any harm. Just trust God- don’t fight for anything in the divorce settlement. You are bitter- you need to forgive him.
  • ” Well, I don’t think he was TRYING to kill…

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Why Nobody Believes the Victim

Sharing! Cannot but agree because it happened to me the same way. And I, too, had judged others wrongly before it became apparent to me that it was happening to me…

Thank you for this article.

How Churches Unwittingly Promote Domestic Abuse

The other day I sat down with a precious daughter of the King and listened to her story. As survivor of domestic violence and advocate for victims, I almost knew the ending of the story before she got half way through, because I’ve heard similar accounts so many times. Once again, I was grieved to hear that another church had turned its back on a faithful member, and embraced the abuser. Once again, I saw the hurt and bewilderment that comes from being first abused by the one who promised to love and cherish till death, and then suspected (even blamed) by the church entrusted with the care of her soul.

I’ve worked with victims of domestic violence for nearly 20 years, and in all this time a several common patterns have emerged, but the most egregious is that when they finally get up…

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