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I am deeply perturbed by what I see happening in America these days…. Yes, the criminals that occupy the US Congress.. aka.. Congress critters, are hell bent on the passage of a new “law” that will absolutely forbid anyone from looking into the evil machinations of the Jewish tribe, and especially the evils concocted on…

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All folks who value truth above their own skin must keep telling the truth, come what may! The world is faster and faster becoming unfit for decent moral beings to live in, why worry about being dispatched a little earlier? Silence gives consent to evil, and I for one will do my best to speak up for truth, God helping me!!


A Day of Mourning… Is Not Enough!!


Here is presented to my readers the history of abortion in Canada, according to the Canadian Encyclopedia. If you look closely, you will see that an unborn baby has been classified as a NON-person, long before the sickening law passed in New York last January. And the taxpayers are forced to pay for it, whether we agree with it or not! Fathers are not even considered, as women have been given all the say in whether or not to murder their babies. 😩

Secondly, though it makes my heart sick, is the link to the methods used in baby-butchering in Canada. Please at least skim over it: not for anything but to understand how brutal these baby killers are. From this page, we see that even the killers know that at 8 weeks, all the baby’s major organs are developed. And we all (should) know that by 10 weeks, these babies have fingers and toes, facial features.

There are no laws restricting abortion in Canada, so from the late 1980’s we’ve had what New York just passed, abortion up to the moment of birth!! And there are also no laws standardizing or even requiring the reporting of abortions, which makes it impossible to get statistics.

And lastly, is the link to the Day of Mourning website that has been set up to encourage folks to mourn for all the murdered babies in America. To mourn the law just passed in NY. Virginia tried to pass it, but it got voted down, thank God! But these people never give up. It took NY 12 years…but they got what they wanted.

In my opinion, one day of mourning is not enough. How can these abortionists be so — I don’t even have a word for it — like devils, as to kill the sweetest, most innocent beings on earth??

A Day of Mourning…is NOT ENOUGH!! But it’s a start….


The cost of sending your kids to public school just might be their souls — The American Awakening

Article Source Recent decades have seen “Mommy Wars” about daycare and breastfeeding. Are we on the cusp of a new fight over whether to send your kids to public school? 600 more words

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People, pay attention: Do you love your kids more than your income, free time, selves? Do you value your kids more than your vacations, jobs, social standing? If you answered “yes”, why on earth are your kids still in public indoctrination centers (aka, schools)??

Christian parents, especially, need to pay attention. Nobody in today’s world can not claim they don’t know what these schools are teaching. If they think their kids are strong enough to fight the devil on their own, these parents have their heads buried deeply in the sand!

The entire fight is for the souls of our children, and tragically, by the looks of things, the devil is definitely winning, thanks to apostate “Christianity” and public indoctrination centers.


The TSA (And Other Experiments in Evil)

From the website What They Don’t Tell You, at, comes this sobering video.

This is a new look at the TSA, and airport “security”!! What have people become? Folks have been stripped — literally — of their humanity!! If you refuse the “naked body” scanner, you subject yourself to being physically molested. Don’t think these scanners strip you literally naked? Pay attention at 6:49; the maker of the video at least had the decency to black out the front…

I refuse to fly anywhere, BECAUSE I absolutely refuse to pay to be sexually molested: PERIOD! The radiation from these scanners is only a small secondary reason for not flying.

Years ago, not too long after 9/11, I was in a Canadian airport waiting the arrival of a friend, and the closed-off area was directly above  — you guessed it — security. I was shocked and horrified by what I watched! And agian by this video, considering the TSA was a planned evil psychological experiment…

If you choose to fly, you choose to be molested. It seems there is no other option. EXCEPT ONE: you can choose NOT to fly. People en masse can CHOOSE NOT TO FLY.

Most folks do not HAVE to fly anywhere. Really think about that… Nobody is forcing anybody to fly anywhere!!! Think about what a general mass refusal to fly would do… Much more than someone protesting, only to be forcibly removed from the scene…which only re-inforces their control…

Alfred Schaefer — Support Details

Help encourage political prisoners! Alfred Schaefer and others. Addresses included in the short article.

Hebrews 13:3 (KJV)
3 Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.

One day any one of us could find ourselves in the same fix, and will appreciate the same consideration…

Free Speech Monika

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America’s Perilous State of the Union — Stephen Lendman

America’s Perilous State of the Union by Stephen Lendman On Tuesday evening, Trump delivered his State of the Union Address, delayed because of 35 days of government shutdown, DLT and undemocratic Dems sharing blame. 1,158 more words

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Well, here is a great summary of part of Trump’s 2019 SOTU speech. Mr Lendman says it just like it is, and I appreciate that.

Some people still get so enthused by what Trump says, even tho’ they know he lies, because he speaks so convincingly; but I like to remember this one word of wise advice: “How do you know when a politician is lying? Their lips will be moving.”

Keeping that in mind, I hear that Trump strongly condemned late-term abortions; so why doesn’t he shut down “Planned Murder-Your-Baby” immediately? Why doesn’t he instantly stop funding this abomination?? Anybody truly against abortion wouldn’t even make it close to the Oval Office, nevermind become President!

The following screenshot is from Northern Truthseeker’s article at:

Thank you, Northern Truthseeker.


Late-term abortion, and partial-birth abortion are just different names for infanticide. But ALL abortion must be condemned and stopped. Does anybody realize that a baby ten weeks gestation can feel pain and terror? Not just the late term babies…

Sacred Cows in the Church: Honoring Marriages over Lives

How well I remember… the pain and grief when the wool was finally jerked from my eyes to actually SEE what was happening… and the even greater pain when the closest people in my life — Christian family members and friends — excoriated me publicly for removing myself from “his” violence… I can’t describe it: but it has taken years of patient love on the part of one very dear, godly friend to heal the deep wounding of my heart. I also had to completely separate myself from those family and friends, not only “him”, to end the abuse…

But God is good! And I give him all the praise for delivering me from that prison! Truly, when GOD “hath joined together”, marriage really is a blessing: but be sure that an abusive “marriage” is not at all what the Lord intended.

((Please consider contacting me via my contact page for a free book on this very topic, if you want a closer look at what God means by “submission” in the bible. It is meant for both men and women.
It’s not what you think…
Mention “NO SUBMISSION”, and include your mailing address. I’ll get one in the mail at my earliest opportunity.))

Recently our ministry hosted a conference on domestic violence in the church. We promoted it to pastors and church counselors, but the majority of participants turned out to be former and current victims of abuse. As participants introduced themselves, I heard an all too familiar story. Several mentioned surviving abuse only to find themselves being hurt again by their churches.

One dear lady said she left the church altogether after she reported the abuse and separated from her abuser. Her husband was in leadership at the church, and the other leaders believed his story over hers– even when she provided proof and got a protective order. Rather than finding help when she mustered up enough courage to reach out for help, she received blame. According to the church, she was desecrating the holy institution of marriage by separating from her husband, and there was no way she could convince them…

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Letters to Family and Friends, by Monika Scheaffer.

A wonderful compilation of letters to family and friends who just “d(w)on’t get it”. Monika answers them very lovingly, with courage, strength and integrity, re-affirming the truth. From here it is for you to read for yourself.

This beautiful lady is a rare gem in today’s world of pushovers! It would be a genuine pleasure to meet her in person.

Update on Monika Scheaffer, Finally!

Finally, thanks to another truth seeking blogger, I was able to discover not only an update on Monika Scheaffer, who was wrongfully imprisoned in Germany for 10 months, but her very own web blog! And it is my great pleasure to offer the link to it here for my gracious readers to read for themselves, and encourage this courageous lady.

Narurally, she has many detractors, but for myself, I am happy to support her work, and looking forward to sharing from her research for the benefit of others, here on my own blog.